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Level requirement

On the xbox when you go to guild admin you can set the level requirement for somebody to join your gulld to 100. I was wondering can this be change to a higher number like around 500. But the guild leader has to be at level 500 as well.

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That guild requirement only applies for people using the in-game guild finder to find open guilds. Most guilds that would have a level 500 requirement (i.e., any serious guild) would be “invitation only”. Unless they dramatically improve the in-game guild finding tool, there’s really no need for this.

Well that would be why I’m posting this Stan because some us us don’t do the invitation thing and yes i take my guild serious. It’s something simple that would not hurt the game dramatically. It’s a open house thing where i greet you at the door instead of trying to pimp you in the street.

I’m sorry. The tone of my message was condescending and I really didn’t mean it to be.

Now that I think about your suggestion a little more, I see the merit of what you’re saying. Anyone who has made it to level 500 is clearly a serious player, so that would suit you.

I still think the in-game search needs a major overhaul, but this would be an improvement with minimal dev effort.


I agree as well Stan there should be another way we can search for recruits.

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In defense of the guild finder. I have gained not just some but many long standing members into my guild with it. And a few who have been not just slightly active but heavily at times. And so I do a mixture of both types of recruitment. As I have found some great players with guild finder. While it could be improved its still useful, and should not be discarded as a potential tool to finding members even for a higher guild.

Personally feel having a open list of available recruits that any guild can see, would create so much drama. And I mean a lot … So I would be against that sort of listing.

As far as changes go :

  • Introduce the ability to search through applications to your guild, when its set to ‘application’. As it is you get ‘invite only’, or simply ‘open’ (with a level requirement).

  • Adjusting open recruitment as it was stated above to be similar to the guild leaders level, in sets of 100.