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Increase the level required for open guilds

We get up to level 100 now…but that’s WAY too low…If we can get the level up to 1000 instead people would be more likely to recruit higher level guildmates without them going through the hassle of constant requiting threads and the seldom seen guild invite bug where they can’t join…


Necro…because this post needs to be seen.

Most people over level 1000 won’t just join a random guild they find in the game list. That dedication would bring them here and various other outlets that allow them to find a list of recruiting guilds and search for those that match their needs.

Not true I have gotten a few over the years through open recruitment and has some other guilds I know.

I can vouch for that, i got a level 1k through open recruiting a couple weeks ago, was kind of surprised. And he stuck around with a guild full of lower level people still working on kingdoms. If people had the option to search for guilds where they know the min level is 1000, they will use it. There is no option for that right now. I have seen a lot of threads asking for this over the years. I hope one day they do it

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Bumping this because it’s still needed.