Increase Guild Minimum Join Level

It would be nice if we could increase the minimum level to join a guild above 100.

My guild has outgrown that minimum level.

If your guild is invite only, then effectively you’re setting your own minimum level anyway? It only matters if you’re an open to all guild, which presumably doesn’t include any of the top (and mostly full) guilds.

I am against this. All that a high level requirement will allow is high leveled players to abandon their current guild and move to a higher one. If a top 10 guild set their level requirement to 500, a level 500+ from a lower guild may decide to just completely abandon their current guild and move up in rank.

Can’t they do that already? Not sure if i understand both your arguments.

I want to set a minimum of at least 300 (personally i am 600+) but make it public for anybody to join.

This is exactly what I don’t want. It allows people who have been playing for a while in a lesser guild to abandon their guild and move to a top X guild in seconds. It will make lower guilds weaker and upper guilds stronger. It will also lead to task stealing, or the opposite of someone donating a lot then getting kicked.

Also, level isn’t fully correlated with progression. There are level 300s that don’t have all their kingdoms to level 10. There is a level 600+ in the #1 guild that doesn’t even have half of his kingdoms maxed.

All (or an excessive most) of the top 50 guilds have their guilds set to invite only, so drifters wouldn’t be able to join.

It is different to abandon in an organized manner as opposed to in a matter of seconds without the upper guild even knowing of their coming presence.

How do you know that the top 50 guilds have their option set to invite only? Maybe we are exception, could be. I have no clue, but apparently you know more :wink:

I’m 100% with @Royalty on this one. There’s currently a huge barrier to finding a decent guild. Basically the only way is to get on the forums, otherwise you’re trapped in a sea of relatively worthless guilds. It gets better in the top 100 or so, but even then there’s huge variation in level of activity and guild “value”. Something needs to be done to make it easier to find a good, active guild for folks that want one. There needs to be a larger overhaul, which I pray is part of the 2.1 Guilds update, but I think one good option is to enable guilds to have a high level minimum but be open.

Bottom line is that the individual player needs to have the tools to decide. We shouldn’t create artificial barriers to a player switching guilds. That only hurts players.

My problem with open boarder guilds, even if it is a very high minimum, is:

  • Sabotage. People can leave their guild, go to their competitor, and then spam lose. Since only guild leader can kick, that person can lose 100s of trophies before being kicked.
  • Less Stability. It will cause less structure and loyalty within a guild. A person could be picked for contributing or come to steal tasks for free until they eventually get kicked.
  • Larger Gap. It will increase the gap between established guilds and new guilds by giving better players an easier option into good guilds. As it currently stands, a noob guild can still get a new dedicated player. If minimums were set, that new dedicated player will get an exp armor, power level, then head to the first top 100 or 1,000 opening that they see as viable. This occurs now, but it takes time. With open guilds, it takes a qualified player seconds.
  • Level =/= equal progress. A level 200 can easily out resource a level 500. Setting a level minimum is counter productive to what it tries to achieve. It is more likely that a higher leveled player will outperform a lower in every way, but it is not always certain.
  • Conflict of Interest. As of currently, it is primarily the guild master that chooses who gets to stay and be kicked from the guild. If level minimum was raised, but guilds were still open, it would allow for people to join that the guild members or the leader may not approve of. This delays the time of actually putting someone good in. Members can still invite a slot, but if some random fills that slot, the guild must wait for the leader to come online to kick that person. This also plays in with exploits like task mooching and trophy sabotage.

Trophy sabotage srsly? oO How much spare time do you have?

Not saying I would, but there are people and guilds that would do it. Each individual can easily lose over 100 trophies per hour.

Look, if someone joins your guild that’s high level but isn’t contributing or isn’t wanted then the guild leader can kick them. That’s no different from the situation currently. Belonging to a specific guild is a privilege, not a right.

Similarly, stability is entirely incumbent upon the guild. If you have a retention problem then it’s the fault of the guild, not the individual player. Closed guilds isn’t an appropriate solution. If you can’t keep your players then there’s something wrong with your guild.

Lastly, you’re not obligated to make your guild open. If you want to carefully curate who comes and goes then you can. If you’re truly worried about sabotage then keep it closed (or kick them once they’re in). No one’s suggesting level minimum should be the only way guild membership is decided. The point is that it’s currently very difficulty to both find a strong guild and to recruit strong members unless you’re a top 10ish guild. Openness helps with both of these issues. And that’s assuming you can even find the guild to join it, which is an even bigger problem.

I’m broadly with @tacet on this one…

I don’t mind Guilds getting the options asked for here… but Guildmasters who use those openness options (many may do so) should be aware of the hypothetical risks…

I would want the option ‘invite only’ to absolutely remain… both for top guilds who want to stay selective, and for people at all levels in little private friend/family groups to play together…

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@Tacet, let’s turn it around.

Suppose, the maximum minimum stays at 100 and our guild only wants new members with level 300+
Suppose, i uncheck ‘invite only’ and kick out new arriving players that don’t match our requirement (level < 300).
How do you think those players would feel? I would feel better not to kick them and set a higher minimum level instead.

That is what we did until now. Recruitment through invite only. But i have noticed that recruitment through this forum is drying out.