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Up the level to let people join your Guild

Would be nice to up the level on people entering your guild.at the moment max is level 100.be nice to raise this.because they have also raised 1000 level also.

Guess no one interested is this then lol

You aren’t the first to request this for sure… I fully support this feature.

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Wait, i thought i responded to this thread, what happened?!
I swear there was like debates on why we should raise the cap or why not to raise the cap, like did i dream that? I thought this thread had like 200 replies in one night, am i going crazy?!

If must of been another person posted it then.

Has to have been, i think @TaliaParks was there and @DonBoba.

Nothing came of it.maybe in the future.they may raise it.when we
Get to level 10000

yep i also saw nearly identical thread, thought i replied or checked it out already, must be why ppl dont click yours