Grmbl Adventurer's Chest keys

Open All, please?


I didn’t use them all, wondering if it’s makes sense to save them. I don’t think they will disappear but not sure when I need them again.

I have the self restraint of a toddler at birthday party when the piñata cracks open and the candy is on the floor.

I wish I’d saved some keys now!


I’m the same.

I see keys, I open.
(and then grumble).

In this particular case, opening 18 times one at a time… for 1 random troop each time…
Wears my patience thin(ner).


In all honesty, we could do with all chests (and portals) opening more keys; it’s been 200 max for far too long now and should be more like 2000.

We’ll never get an ‘Open All’ button because of server issues, but surely the servers have improved since the last time they upped how many chests can be opened at once…

Doesnt feel so imho… (tech: of course → gems server: no)

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