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Grinding Gold

It has occurred to me that there are several methods for grinding gold. I am curious to know everyones preferred method. My method is simply ranked pvp. I like it because the teams change more often than other methods with comparable gold production.


Personally, I prefer playing GoW than flagging posts on the forums. I find that I make a lot more gold that way.
But others may have different results.

That’s off topic and unhelpful. Please stay on topic. Thanks.


For end-gamers, the easiest way of getting Gold is simply to use up some of the tens of thousands of Gold Keys they’ve got!

IIRC you get around 2,500 Gold for every 200 keys.

Alternatively, a team of Cedric x 2, Egg Thief, Skeleton Key churns out a lot of gold in Explore (around 7,000 per Level 12 battle)


I am farming gold with the 3 trophy ranked PvP. Its the most fun for me.

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I generally use a double Cedric team in level 12 Explore to farm gold, but most of the time I feel as though I make enough gold to satisfy me by just playing the game and enjoying myself in whatever mode.

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