Interesting math regarding dev comments and the 4.7 update

I’m relatively new to GoW (8 or so months long player?) but I’m an avid/daily player. Very new to the forums, only registered a few days ago. So I am catching up on all the drama from the past and this 4.7 update announcement.

I just did some quick math, and I found this to be really interesting.

I’ve seen mention a few times of one of the main devs stating that the average player plays 26 matches a day, and that is too many. (What? Did that REALLY happen? What game dev says you’re playing our game too much. Anyway). Ok, so the average is 26, and thats too much. Got it.

The new cost of unlocking LT’s will be 46.8 million gold.

30 members per guild is, assuming fair sharing, 1.56 million gold per player.

Now, this is the biggest “gotcha” number in here, but it struck me as funny. My current gold bonus is 177% - 2% pet, 100% armor, 25% VIP, and I ponied up for the ring of wonders and have that 50% bonus right now. With that bonus, and running a Cederic x2 team, I currently get 8,476 gold per L12 explore run. So since that’s my standard “I’m trying to make gold as fast as possible” number, thats the number I used as “typical” for guild members. I know that number is mine alone, and most will make less, and some will make a lot more. But, hang with me here for a moment…

1.56 million gold, divided by 8,476 gold per fight is 184 fights (184.04 but whatever). 184 fights, divided by 7 days?

26.29 fights per day.

WHAT?! I laughed out loud when I saw that number.

So, to unlock LT’s, you need a fully participating guild, who have at least a 177% gold bonus (which absolutely REQUIRES spending real $$$ to either get VIP or Ring bonuses), running L12 explores, donating all of that gold, AND THEY NEED TO EACH DO AT LEAST 26 MATCHES PER DAY to reach that number!


I know thats just a silly coincidence. But also… it makes a good point. Your entire guild of 30 players must both spend real money AND/OR play for at least, if not MORE, than the number of matches that the developer of the game says is already “too much” to reach LT status.

In what world does that possibly make any sense? Are we or aren’t we playing enough?


Well, the quote is a bit out of context. This was said in a dev stream by Sirrian. However, he was talking about tasks that had to be done everyday or the rewards from them go away like dungeons, AB, daily delves, etc. He also said it was pretty much just enough “daily” must play modes in the game and that he didn’t want to add anymore of them.

That makes a bit more sense. Though to be fair - this 4.7 change does add 26 MORE daily fights to each guild member to unlock LTs, or the rewards go away.

It’s just a weekly requirement. Not daily.

For gold farming, casual pvp is still faster than explore (2k every 10-12 seconds)

Assume 11-12 seconds is once battle has started, to completion of battle and not the other 15-20seconds with victory/rewards screens, clicking the reload screens etc etc

This is 100% dependent on “gold bonuses”.
So those who spend more money on the game and get higher bonuses are able to make gold easier.
So now those people are an issue for the devs because they are making too much gold.

Yes you heard me right… The people who are paying money on Gems of war are the ones that are an issue to the devs.
They just see LT fail to consider the real money invested by the players behind those LT.

I can promise you that any guild that makes LT currently, does not have Vip zero for all 30 members.

Those who play a shit ton tend to also pay a shit ton.


Unrelated to the OP - I’ve tried some casual PVP farming and my time to win is nowhere near close to 10-12 seconds. I time my L12 explores at about 1 minute and 8 seconds average. So how the heck are you all clearing a casual PVP in 10-12 seconds? I’m obviously using the wrong team :slight_smile:

You use the 1 shot explore level 1 team (rowanne or firebird) against firebomb teams or low level stuff

Yes but that doesn’t take into account the time it can take to reshuffle until the desired firebomb opponent is found. Then the game has to load, be completed and the victory etc screen has to be presented etc before you can proceed to the next reshuffle. Therefore a single match in its entirety could easily take 20 to 30 seconds. I never play casual…hours of firebombs would make me catatonic.

On a great internet connection mind you. Which most of the world still doesn’t have the luxury of 1 second load times.

Don’t worry, nobody can do cpvp in 10-12 seconds. The best you can do is 2-3 per minute. Explore is now a completely viable source of gold farming whereas before only pvp was.


About a month ago I run a little test on cpvp for gold farming.
My result for a 15 minutes session has been 86961 gold.
At that time, it was by far the fastest way for gold farming.
It would be interesting to do the same for explore

I get about 7,000 gold from a single D12 Explore fight with the double Cedric team. I would need to do 13 fights in those 15 minutes to exceed your income. That is faster than I think is possible for me, but I wouldn’t be able to touch your CPVP total either.