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I have a bit of a weird question here

Is it possible to farm Gold Keys? Not like anypony would actually want to but if they were saving gold for their kingdoms and they needed a couple more commons for mythic, it might be possible. If it is possible, what’s the agreed-upon maximum you can earn?

Best way to farm gold keys, is to farm gold through pvp.
That is going to produce the fastest results.

I’m aware you are saving gold for kingdoms, but pvp > gold > gold keys is the most efficient method.

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Being in an active guild helps too. You can get around 200-300 gold keys from tasks

Isn’t it more like 500 gold keys from guild tasks? O.o

I only know it’s more than 200. Never did the actual math for those…

670 if memory serves


So, here’s you answer @PowerPlay. Get a good guild and you’ll have tons of gold keys :slight_smile:

Thanks mate I was sure it’s something high like that :slight_smile:

I’m on PS4 and I’m the leader of my own guild.

Oh then wait til the guild update coming to console next. Plenty of gold keys for cheap!

And when is this patch? …Don’t say SOON™.

It is likely to come out shortly.


They won’t say when we get the guild patch because of all the whiners last time when there was a delay.

So… SOON™.

Yes. That’s all the info we have on it.

You’ll get it before December.

I thought I recall Sirrian saying console was supposed to get it in October, but I would guess 2-4 weeks to be safe.

Next month at the soonest.