Trying to farm for gold but still too new to have really good troops

I am kind of a new player to GoW. I am a level 132 right now. I am still trying to unlock kingdoms (at this point I have unlocked Soulforge, and 3 kingdoms way from unlocking the underworld). I am also trying to get all of my kingdoms to level 10.

What is the best early game/beginner farming team?
I have tried doing the search for fireball in casual PvP and it works but he doesn’t come up often enough in my searches to keep it cost effective.

I have the following right now:
Hero + Bronzelock Pistol
Tyri lvl 12 w/Greedy
Greed lvl 10 w/ Greedy
Egg Thief lvl 10 with Greedy

Is there something better I could be using?

You should use a class type with your hero.

You should try to get Cedric (with Vault Keys).

Low level explores should be a good source of gold.

I do use a Class and Banner

I have Warlord lvl 42.

If you haven’t already, I suggest you start working on thief class ASAP. Not only will you get a great weapon, but it goes really well with the team you’re already using.


Long story short: you can’t really effectively farm gold this early, just focus on making teams that win and trying to learn how to win Arena. This is one of the “humps” GoW wants you to have a hard time getting over, there are a few others that last the entire game.

Short story long:

The real measure of GoW power is troops, and that’s measured by “number of chests opened”. Level 132 is nothing in this game. What matters is if you can win PvP better than 60%, 70%, etc. That takes troops.

Unfortunately for gold, the troops needed to effectively farm it are quite expensive to grab. The best most accessible team is the Skeleton Key team, but you need Cedric Sparklesack, a mythic from the vault, to even get that. At level 132 it’s likely you haven’t even had a single Vault Key yet so you haven’t even had the opportunity to get it. (It also needs a weapon from a Delve class. By the time you get Cedric you should have that too.) The best farming team uses 2 of Cedric, so that’s definitely off-limits.

The “next-best” gold farming teams just aren’t worth it. They all lose more than any better team, or take longer per match to finish. The tricky thing about farming is since you get gold per win, usually the best way to increase gold output is “win faster”. For example, if you can get 800 gold in 2 minutes with 1 team or 700 gold in 1 minute with another, you’re technically making 1400 gold per 2 minutes with the faster team. That’s the same as getting a +75% bonus to gold! Generally, farming troops are slower, so you have to think hard and experiment to figure out if using them even makes money at all.

But you don’t really have to think hard, most of GoW has already done that thinking. The only “worthwhile” gold farming tactics I know are:

  • Arena, which gives you troops you might not have so can sometimes be more consistent than PvP in the very early game. (Downside: no class XP, and you really need that.)
  • PvP as fast as possible, which has comparatively high gold rewards but your win rate depends on the team you can assemble so it’s not always better than Arena.
  • “Fast Explore”, which probably still works at very low explore difficulties. There are a couple of relatively easy-to-get teams using either Rowanne or Sunbird that can clear a low-level crowd fast, and if you win faster you get more gold per unit time spent.
  • “High-level explore” which is what endgamers do. You need an endgame team, endgame stats, and more than a little luck for it.

The base rarity of Cedric is legendary and the Skeleton Key is a class weapon from the Thief class.

Ugh I get class and Delve weapons mixed up all the time!

I don’t agree new players can’t farm gold. Sometimes a speed team makes more gold per hour than a Cedric team which is slower but makes more gold per battle. As long as someone has sunbird or rowanne they can do super fast cpvp (approx 2-3 per minute)

OK, they can do 2-3 CPvP. Do we know if they’re making gold rewards that make that worth it? Where’s the formula for gold rewards so I can spreadsheet it?

Oh, right, it’s kept secret so we can’t tell if someone else is making more gold than us. Oh, wait, I meant, “So people like you can’t gain an extra 5% by gaming it.” Definitely worth stopping both things from happening.

Enjoy that while you can. Just saying.

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Change to cPvP in 4.7?

Not likely in 4.7.

But, I would pay close attention to the reading of the patch notes tomorrow on-stream. These days, patch notes contain very strong hints about what the next changes to the game are going to be.