Farming for gold


So I got into a discussion with a couple players on global and they were saying that explore is the place to farm gold now. At first I didn’t believe them but being curious I had to test out their theory. I realize that last week they had a bonus because of Moneylender but my tests still showed what I believed in the beginning. . . . the place to farm gold is in pvp.

I ran a timer of 10 minutes. Once for explores and once for pvp. I did 21 explores and not counting the two gnomes I saw granting me 22.5k, I made a little over 13k. An average of about 623 gold per battle. I did 6 pvp battles in the same time frame and made a little over 21K for an average of 3509 gold.

Maybe I’m missing something but pvp still appears to be king for gold. What has the forum community got to say on this?


Yeah, Nothing beats pvp for gold


Generally, yes, PVP is better, but how quickly you can explore is also a factor. I can do explore in 3 moves or less usually. PVP is rarely that fast.


Yes speed is the factor that would put the decision on either side of this. And this was the team I used for the explores. Like you said, 2 or 3 moves and the battle is over. Which is why I got 21 explores and only 6 pvp. Of course it isn’t the team I used in pvp. :wink:


The gap will vary depending on what stage of the game you are at, but PvP will almost always be better for gold by a good margin. Also you get trophies (if you are into that) and glory (a tiny tiny amount comparatively, but still).


That was the one of a few variables I couldn’t control in my test. And an assumption I made afterwards. Maybe my pvp teams are just better than the players I was talking to about this on global.

And I’m not trying to say it isn’t possible. Just curious about the mechanics and plausibility of it.


With Moneylender, I made around 2,7k a minute, as three battles per minute in explore is completely fine. I need around 2-3 minutes for one PVP battle, which gives something around 3k. Even without the Moneylender event, I still make 1,6k a minute, which beats PVP. Not to mention the extra traitstones and Exp.


Ranked PvP or Casual PvP to farm gold… That’s the real debate.
Explore isn’t even a contender.


PVP usually beats Explore for gold farming, except when there are weekly events with gold rewards for using a specific troop (like last week)


Explore is a good deal less fruustrating, you don’t have to leave battles because mab, nyx, dawnbringer, psion, rinse, repeat.


Explore can be a good place for gold income if the weekly event involves a “use X troop for Y bonus gold in explore”. Spamming quick explores for the extra gold whilst farming for traitstones then has added value. I doubt it would ever be a faster method of farming gold than pvp though.