Grind with not much to show for it

This is to gow devs, grinding for a mimic mytic or even a mimic battles and being constantly disappointed when reg red shows up over and over makes players mad and frustrating it really dont help the game either b/c end gamers builds as well as any player new or old say “what is the use of playing anymore”. As a guild leader I hear that daily. I put up with it as all the guild leaders in the game do too. Please why dont you increase the drop rate on curse gnomes and on the 2x-5x mimic battles. Do you really want to lose players from the game. Devs are suppose to make the game hard but not to the point of never getting anything for the players efforts. I am not complaining on my own game but for the whole community in every server of gow. So I ask the devs to please increase the rates so we all can enjoy this game like it was intended for.


So you’re pointing out there’s ‘no use of playing anymore’ because drops are too rare?

Making them more common would give you even less reason to play, because you would be done soon.

If you don’t like playing the game then don’t.

Edit: you say you’re speaking for the community but I know plenty endgame players who enjoy a grind instead of logging in and getting the loot by using a few keys and be done for the day.


@GANNICUS1 I heard that 1 % of GoW players managed to find the Hoard Mimic. One in my guild managed to find it. Whoever Devs that coded it is TOTALLY out of touch with the game.

I would not recommend anyone doing explores for 1000 of hours just for that reason, because you may come empty handed.

I am one of them that have played far too much explores since the release, and it is frustrating even if my goal is to get medals. It is there in the back of my mind. So just avoid going all in imo, not worth it, and you may hit your head in the wall one day doing so. You only have one brain…


Goals are pretty important, and so are limits. Here’s what I do. I load up the game every day and I do my guild world events. I do the adventure boards (only the ones useful to me), and then the dungeons. On Mondays, I do all the campaign tasks so I don’t have to bother with those again.

On Tuesdays I sometimes do the delves, but sometimes I skip (all my delves are maxed at 2500 and I have 40k chaos shards). I don’t do Wednesday pet unless it’s a new one, because nearly all of my non-cosmetic pets are maxed (2725 pet mastery). I don’t do Thursday class trials because all of my classes are maxed at 100.

If there’s a weekend event, I’ll do that (like a new delve or bounty or guild event). If there’s a vault weekend, I’ll do a few gnome-a-paloozas, maybe an hour or two.

So what is the point of all of this… well, on MOST days of Gems of War, I allocate my time by simply doing the guild world event, the adventure board, and dungeon tasks, as mentioned, and then I do enough explores to get my 100 troop kills for the 20 gems. And then I log off. I’ll log back in every hour or so and collect my tribute.

I’ll sometimes do a few more explores at night if I’m watching TV. But otherwise: I don’t grind. I really don’t care to grind explores for medals or the hoard mimic. I still don’t have it. It’s the only troop I don’t have, in fact. Oh well!

I think people get burned out trying to obtain things and accomplish things, and you need to pace it out. Like, when I was maxing all of my classes and delves, yeah, I played a LOT. But those were obtainable goals that could be MEASURED. You could say “Okay, I cleared 1000 XP today.” Or “I need a higher hoard level to do this pure faction run.”

There is no such thing with collecting mythics, and especially not the hoard mimic. You can’t be like “Well, I did X amount of explores, I guess I should have it by now.”

With that I say: just leave it alone and let it happen when it happens.


The hoard mimic is a low possible chance if you are grinding for it specifically then you will be disappointed a lot. If you do the explore modes as normal to grind for medals you might get one to drop eventually. In the meantime the mimic and hoard mimic encounters will get you slightly more medals than you otherwise would have.
All in all the update was a huge positive and too many people complain it is some personal slight at them because it is not something they can be assured of getting right away. Please take it as intended instead. You get more medals more variation in encounters and a small chance at a new mythic compared to before the update where you would not get any of those just regular explores with regular drop rates and no bonus medals ever and 0% chance to get any troops. No part of that is a negative even if it takes months or years to get a hoard mimic to drop.


@havok6669 I now farm a lot less than I did. It have helped me to just cut out the 2-3 hours long sessions.

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when will it ever compute that this game is rng


I mentioned in other forums that my drop rate is very high. I been getting a mimic every 4 boss chests and 1 hoard mimic every 5-6 mimics. I fought 14 hoard mimic, but got no troop. I don’t care about the troop, but the 5x drops. I posted yesterday I upgraded my 601 troop to gold (625 if I count guardian and vault troops) and closing in my goal of having 17 + gold troops per kingdom. I am getting close to maxing all the Ultra rare troops as well (14 more left)


The Mimics are one of the best new features in a long time, they are a net positive for medal farming. Just ignore the Hoard mimic, it doesn’t contribute to power level, purely cosmetic.


Nice progress! I’m somewhat in the same boat. Around 630 gold troops. Finished all common, rare and ultra rare. Started on epics but it’s slow lol. I do have some epics/legendaries and 18 mythics done too.


18 mythics. Very nice. I did 6 or 7 and then asked myself why not use nysha to upgrade legendary troops instead. Use 1 anu and 2 nysha, since all we need is 20 gold troops per kingdom. I save anu as well to upgrade an epic troop to gold. @Fleg before he quit playing this game, he once said our attributes are so high, that an extra attack or magic wont make a huge difference. He argued it wasn’t worth upgrading all kingdoms to level 20 as well. I understood what he was saying, but once we get all kingdoms to level and power 20, that is another 70 attribute points per troop.

@Draegor you are talking like the mimic chances for double tokens is falling from trees, when it is far from. God knows what you are up to with a comment like that. In fact if you play the game like most of us you would notice that you are rather lucky to see a mimic chest battle to appear, so please would you just stop lying around and maybe we may get a much needed boost for mimic appearances, so the time and effort put in hunting medals will be worth it?

The mimic room is too rare for it to even feel like it is worth the time and effort farming medals. I do not understand what game many of you are playing, but for me I get 1 mimic room (doubled medals) maybe 1 out of 30 boss chests. Let me tell you two things, that it takes hours to get 30 boss chests, also yes I would easily had paid just for entertainment to see the dev that programmed this have some fun farming on Twitch - I do love to see the bloody frustration - because that is exactly what you did to your players - caused massive frustration, some of us even slammed their laptops.

I can tell you from my account experience that the mimic battles are very rare and getting to battle the hoard mimic is another story. It is very very rare.

I played continuously farming daily not only for haunting the mythic but for resources and trophies. I only fought the hoard mimic 5 times since the update.

This beyond disappointing sad, yes you can make it rare but not to the point that frustrate your players and making them having a miserable experience.

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Your outlook is quite negative, when in fact mimics are a net positive. I get that people are complaining because they can’t get a rare drop.
However this negative mindset is self-defeating and the cause of frustration, you should ignore the hoard mimic instead of expecting it.


I suspect the rarity of the Hoard Mimic wouldn’t be much of an issue were it not for the attached trophy for acquiring it.

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@Draegor I werent even talking about the Hoard Mimic…lol

105 boss chests (5 a day and 21 days) and 0 (ZERO) mimic fight and 0 (ZERO) Horde Mimic fights…

Yeah, that is quite positive experience :roll_eyes:

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Even if you do not encounter them much at all you do encounter them sometimes and when you do you get some bonus from it. Everyone keeps talking like this somehow detracts from the experience. It only add more combat variation and more tokens in the long run. Sure the Mimics and Hoard Mimics are few and far between and if you go out there hunting for them specifically you are going to face a lot of disappointment. If I try and pull a hand of four aces or a royal flush from a deck of cards and that is the only outcome I am looking for I am going to be let down a ton as well.

You will once in awhile encounter them and you will get bonus medals when you beat them and there is a very small chance that you will fight Hoard Mimics and get a mythic. This doesn’t seem like something we were intended to farm for, that is an expectation the players have which is unrealistic because that is not how the update was designed.

It is something to be earned in the long term as you do explore grinding and along the way get some more bonus medals. You do not get less medals than before the update. Nobody stole your candy guys. Sure you expected you were going to get a Tesla and got a Prius so you are upset about it but that is because your expectations are not being tempered by reality. You get free stuff that is not paywalled may even one day get a mythic and it is for doing stuff we already do so I agree with @Draegor it is a positive update and only adds to the game.


I just wish that they have some kind of pity timer with the mimic…

Lets say that the chance to get mimic is set at 20% (most ppl says it is 1 in 4 to 1 in 5…) then the pity timer could be set at 15th boss chest (Thats triple the odds, 1 in 5 x 3 = 1 in 15 a sure thing) so if player havent got mimic by 15th fight then he/she will get mimic fight… That prevents the streaks such as mine, 105 boss battles without mimic, that is frustrating. That gives player something to look forwards to, counting to 15th fight so it becomes exciting now.


Do you know the odds for that?

Royal Flush - 1 in 649,740

4 Aces - 1 in 54,145

It is moronic to hope to pull those cards… It is once in a lifetime chance meanwhile it is realistic to hope for mimic fight as it is set at 10 to 20% chance… It is quite a big difference in the odds, you cant really compare.

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