How about a gnome event with increased Hoard Mimic drop chance?

That would have been awesome I think!


Hmm … how about adding Mythstones to Cedric’s drop table (say, base 50, scaled by difficulty) so that it’s not such a huge grind to access a region’s Mythic boss?

The problem with Hoard Mimic isn’t the low drop rate but the sheer grind involved.

Maybe make a gnome weekend were mimic room is easier to encounter as well as hoard mimic room has better rate, and on top of it hoard mimic better chance to drop. How about that?

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How about just put him into the soulforge for 4000 diamonds or 8 orbs of power…


How about just increase the drop rate 1000 fold. It is really ridiculous to have this as an achievement. There should be a better chance each time you do not get it. It’s not like the mythic mimic chest appears very often even after grinding for hours each day.

Or for some combination of medals, because you are guaranteed to have those after getting unlucky often enough.

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True, I have gotten 6 nysha medals trying to get this thing. Previously it took me 2 years to get 3. I also have the Geoff achievement. That is crazy hard compared to trying to get 1 troop. ha ha

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Even if you had over 100, you’d still have to play the 4 matches + mini boss to reach the mythic boss. Having an overstock of mythstones isn’t as glorious as it sounds, especially as a Cedric drop.

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I am aware of that, but unless you are purposely skipping out on the Mythic Boss you (by definition) cannot have an “overstock” of Mythstones from Explore runs.

And yes, the more variety you add to a drop table the lower the percentage for anything specific must be. Maybe it can a drop from either Cedric or his three gnomes.

You have to retreat from the legendary boss battle to get an overstock of mythstones (40-50% of the normal amount afair). :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I did it for a short time while I wasn’t searching for token but makin some campaign tasks easier (i.e. kill several myth of a certain kind) or just want to see how far it stacks up. I stopped at 1000+

I would not appreciate that. I have all kingdoms at level 16 or higher, and a reliable D12 team, I get to the mythic boss on most explore runs. Adding mythstones to the vault would just make the vault less useful for me.

I like the original idea of increased drop chances for a limited amount of time. Coupled with a vault event, I think that would be great. Better than a permanent change imo - I get the frustration of waiting for that rare drop, but it’s one of those things where once you do get it, it’s not an issue anymore.

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How about this… In the soulforge, craft Mythic Mimic bait…

Yes, that sounds great! There for those who want it, doesn’t bother anyone who doesn’t :slight_smile: I already found 3 hoard mimics, but I would have no issues with making it easier for those who haven’t.

I have not got unlucky enough cause I do not try, not worth the effort and stress.

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Horde mimic bait? Sounds like a plan that will never be implemented. The devs are making the game more and more random (as demonstrated by gargoyle and other new gems) and I just can’t see them u-turning regarding the mimic. It’s a shabby achievement for sure but it’s not really grindable as such. Celebrate when/if it happens and in the meantime forget about it and save yourself the stress and sense of injustice.

Not from my perspective. I intentionally avoid mythic-level fights during vault events to increase my loot level and I farm at level 1.