Green Text on Armor


What does it mean when the text on your armor is green? I don’t have any buffs and it is there at the start of the game. See here


You get it from playing on your home kingdom I think, looks like yours is 3-4 Divine Fields.


Oh sweet. So It’s an armor buff for your home kingdom is what ur saying?


No wait. Ups I got that wrong, is been so long since we play on that version… Its not about the home kingdom but it is about the kingom lvl were the match is taking place. Each kingdom as it lvl ups will award you with several buffs while you are playing on them. You can check on each kingdom fr their buffs (On the top right of the kingdom tab there should be a “?” For you to check.)

Too short; still lazy: The higher is the level of the kingdom you are playing the more buff you get.

Note: Your “Defense” battles are always on your home kingdom.


I really appreciate the info :smiley: thanks so much.


Yeah no problemo amigo. :v:


Green stats (Armor, HP, Attack or Magic) simply mean that the stat is higher than the default value for that unit at their level.
If you have a bonus that gives +1 Armor to all troops, then all your troops armor will be 1 higher than their default and will appear in Green at the start of the battle.


Thanks Serale helped me out. And I know it was a higher stat. Thats why I called it a “buff”.

I was asking the “why”. But its cool I already had it answered. thanks.