Why the green number on the shields

Sometimes I start a game against a human and in the start, before anyone moves or casts spells to increase armor, I already see their armor buffed or something, the numbers of their armor is green. I mean on all the 4 characters. How come? How does he do that?

high level kingdoms give a bonus, also troops get a small bonus if they are with the banner of the kingdom they hail from. if you use the banner of a kingdom you have at at least level 2 you should get the bonus to armor.

Oh ok, that makes sense. What kingdoms give armor bonus and where do I see this info? So far I’ve unlocked 5 kingdoms but I think I’ve never seen something along these lines.

they all give the same bonuses when leveled you can check by clicking on your home kingdom… far as the bonuses for troops under their own banner im not sure what kingdoms give what but they are small bonuses… khaziel gives health… i think divinion fields gives atk.

Your kingdom levels up by completing all quests, all challenges and for every level 15 card you have from that kingdom, you can do a search in the troops page to see which cards belong to which kingdom. To get the bonuses for a kind of you have to select it as your home kingdom. I have a level 8 maugrim woods as I have done all quest (+1) all challenges (+1) and have 6 level 15 troops (+6) which gives bonus to armour and attack now

Thanks for the explanations. I guess I can’t get armor bonuses for now. I’ve always had Broken Spire as my home kingdom because it gives me +515 gold a day. The next 2 kingdoms only give me +45 and +25 gold a day. Like so, I will never change my home kingdom lol… Between 515 and 45 gold… No contest there. It’s a no brainer.

console currently only has 5 kingdoms capable of level 10. khaziel,sword’s edge,whitehelm,ghulvania and broken spire… in order to get em to 10 though you’d need all their troops.

your home kingdom doesn’t matter… and the other would give more and spire less if you changed it anyhow… its the banner you use that dictates which kingdom gives you a bonus to troop stats.