The shield and Heart

Still fairly new and trying to learn more about the game…what does it mean when the shield and heart numbers are in green and surpassed the level 15 limit at the very beginning of a battle while my numbers are at 15 max?

When they are green, it means they have been boosted during battle.
This may come from several things :

  • A spell used during battle
  • A troop type bonus (when you have at least 3 unique troops with the same types)
  • A troop kingdom bonus (when you have at least 2 unique troops from the same kingdom)
  • A trait unlocked on the card

You may also meet units with higher stats than yours while they have the same level, in this case, it won’t appear green since it’s not a boost occuring during battle, but this may come from :

  • Troop being ascended to another level of rarity
  • Ennemy having some kingdom level 10
  • Ennemy having some kingdom to power level 5

EDIT : didn’t notice you are on Xbox, so I updated my post :
italic => Not true for the XBox version of the game (yet)
bold => Should be true for XBox version as well as steam / mobile version.

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ok thank you cause i surely was about to ask how lol…i am playing on the ps4 and would like to know how to level the kingdom further than 3

In the version you play, kingdom levels are obtainable by :

  • Finishing the story line of the kingdom
  • Finishing the quests of the kingdom
  • Upgrade the troops of the kingdom to lvl 15

Once the next update goes for Xbox / PS4, there will only be one way to upgrade Kingdoms : spend gold.
The price goes :
lvl 2 : 500
lvl 3 : 1000
lvl 4 : 2000
lvl 5 : 4000
lvl 6 : 8000
lvl 7 : 15000
lvl 8 : 22000
lvl 9 : 30000
lvl 10 : 40000

Keep in mind that :

  • You will keep the level of your kingdoms after the update
  • The troop level will serve another purpose after that : “power level”, wich will help improve the gold you receive from your home kingdom.

(Note : I updated my first answer above : I don’t think you unlock stats at kingdom lvl 10 yet on Xbox… Sorry !)

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thanks someone just told me the same about the kingdom…so this patch is due any day now and should i be saving my gold?

I don’t know when it’s due and wouldn’t even know where you can find any information about that except from an administrator. I’m playing the steam version.

(And I think I remember that what matters in your version is the level of your HOME kingdom only. You get different bonus at each levels. It will change drastically when the next patch kicks in though)

@Zelarith I just want to clarify that you do get stats at kingdom level 10 on the Xbox (+1 Magic most importantly); although, we only have like 3 kingdoms with enough troops to get to that level.

Those should be italics as well. The 1.07 update didn’t include troop/kingdom bonus.

There are still stat unlocks at various levels but they are tied to banners not universal.

Don’t think they know either. This is primarily a 505 forum and pipeworks seems to handle the console versions and they aren’t as free with info even to 505.

Assuming you’re the same as ps4 this isn’t true. There are 4 kingdoms at level 10. Khaziel, whitehelm, swords edge, and ghulvania. An ultra rare was added to ghulvania a couple weeks ago with no announcement.

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I’ll trust you on this if you are also playing on PS4/Xbox1.
But I thought 1.0.7 had troop / kingdom bonuses but they were not restricted to unique troops.

Can’t remember how banners used to work. But yeah, I managed to remember that you’ll need only one kingdom to be lvl 10. Damn, my memory is a mess…

Thanks for backing me up, I was unsure as to what version of the game was currently running on Xbox/PS4 ^^’

1.07 does have that but this version isn’t 1.07 it’s kind of 1.07 limited version. We dont have the kingdom leveling process with gold yet but we do have bonus tied to banner based on that kingdoms level. We don’t have a lot of changes that happen in 1.07 like venoxia and skeleton don’t get attack buffs. Troop/kingdom bonus isn’t in place and the universal kingdom bonus isn’t in place. Exploders still get full mana and prismatic orb is still based around magic. Most frustrating is no green slime :frowning: I often think you know slime would fit perfect in this team and there isn’t even a giant spider.


I just happen to be checking this just last night, trying to find out which kingdoms could be leveled to 10, and trying to figure out which would be best to top first. … I only found the 3 mentioned previously to have enough troops to level to 10. Do you know who the Ultra Rare is that was added to Ghulvania? Because I don’t recall seeing this kingdom having the amount needed? … I’m also on XB1, thanks.

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I’m on PS4 and also don’t see this Ultra Rare @forloveofevil has referenced.

Shield and Heart ? WHat the heck ? I learned the game before coming here … and when I saw those I just told myself : troops have armor and life points. That’s it … :laughing:

Whenever I use Venoxia she gets an attack buff of one. I always play her in the top position. This is defniitely nothing to do with banners, as she is the only one getting a buff of any type with the banner I’m using. Would this be the attack buff you mentioned or something else? I’ve also seen similiar seemingly random occurences of 1 troop with 1 boosted stat.

This is on PS4 btw

It’s a troop named Grave Knight (Purple/Brown; “Destroy an enemy’s Armor, and deal 2 Damage”). It shows up for me because I have the card it seems. On a friend’s account it does not show up at all.

Yep, you’re right. We were speaking about him a little while back. Seems a couple weeks ago?, I first met him in battle, and it stated on his card that he would be available soon, something like a week later. (had a date on the card) … But I don’t recall seeing his availability when checking all the troop listings for each kingdom? Maybe it’s just not been updated yet? Good to know though. I will keep in mind he’s from Ghulvania.



I, unfortunately, do not see Grave Knight at all.

The grave knight didn’t show up in my list until recently. I obtained him 2-3 days ago, so that’s probably why. I was using him and fighting him in the arena though for some timeI. I’m on ps4

Grave knight. It was added when dokkalfar was added to the viewable list. It’s been removed from the show all filter though but it was available in the arena and chest where I got one after 120 iron keys.

So I might be the only level 10 ghulvania or at least a few in my guild. I suspect it was released in chests early in error much like ice witch was available for a small window and possibly summer imp which i’ve yet to see in game.

Yes sir that sounds like the very same buff. I tried Abhorrath in a different group but I think I had him 2nd. Maybe the first troop gets an extra point of attack just because?

Sweet, hope I pull a Grave Knight soon.