Anyone else notice the new armor? With 1.0.8

XP x2 Souls x2.5 and Gold x3 with a green shield indicating something on the hero is level ten (clearly not a kingdom level since the shield is centered over Adana). Its either new armor or you can craft what you currently have.

Though there may be new armor, those are the stats for playing Warlord IV. At least that’s what shows for me when I play that level wearing Dragon armor.


I’m sure it’s just the display of the kingdom – lvl 10 and actively providing +1 shield bonus.

I think you may have misunderstood the topic. Mufasha wasn’t talking about the green shield.

My guess is essentially RiverSong’s, it looks more like a high Warlord difficulty paired with Dragon Armor, rather than anything new.

But hey! It’s test account, and they may have been testing something out. Like Kingdom star levels offering bonuses to multipliers, that’d be pretty cool!

This is part of the new VIP system coming in 1.0.8.