New or old armor?

What is this armor?


It is Ebon armor. It gives 75% gold, 50% souls, and 0% exp. It is unobtainable still on PC/Mobile from what I have seen.

It is left over from the console version when PC/Mobile switched to Unity. For a small duration of time it was even overwriting the Deathknight armor.

I guess visually it still does overwright the Deathknight armor.

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It does look pretty great, i want it.

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Given the penalty from gem masteries in PvP …might be the ideal purchase for newer players.

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Uh Oh. somebody’s going to be in trouble… I think that’s supposed to be “exclusive” Armor.

i also want it! :yum:

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hmm this is all i could find so far:

now there are 3 mysterious armors that i want to get! or at least see the other 2 armors?
anyone got some screen shots? :wink: