Missing Kingdom?

I’ve bought every kingdom.
I’ve finished every quest.

I count 17.
However, when I unlocked one, it never said I had 100% of them. I think it stopped at 80ish%.

Where are the missing ones?

While being there, I sometime face other player who have a boat-load of HP/Armor all in green. What am I missing?

Go to your home city click kingdom now click on (ps4) a level scale will apreare .You can grow a kingdoms level 3 ways
1- finish all quest
2- 5 star all challenges
3- Train troops from that kingdom to level 15

With each level you get bonuses the green numbers are bonus numbers added to your card

I selected a level 3 kingdom as home, and it didn’t affect the cards I’m using at all­.

Does your home kingdom only affects card from that specific kingdom?

No you should see +1 armor on all your cards that comes with level 2…go to that kingdom click the crown and press X the level scale will show you what you get…Then when in battle u should see at lest +1 armor

Nope… That screens says “Only when fighting in that kingdom”, so I understand it has good chance to be useless while invading?

I just did a challenge in a differnt kingdom and a invade and i have the stat bonus in both make sure its set as your home kingdom here is a pic of the invade with the bonus

Like in this screenshot, why is the forth card of the opponent have a bonus on health, but not on his other cards?

I did set that level 3 as home kingdom. Obviously I’m doing something wrong. :stuck_out_tongue:

that i have no idea lol never noticed it maybe that card is maxed out and green is any stat applied after level 15…all my cards in that i use are 15

Stats earned via kingdoms only apply when fighting in that kingdom.

When creating a team you can select which flag you use, that flag will offer an extra stat or two to troops relating to that flag’s kingdom. (e.g. The Song Banner give stats to troops from Pan’s Vale.)

The final way to get extra stats is from troop bonuses. For more info on this, check here.

I might be wrong about the flag bit though. I’m not entirely sure what all applies to the console versions.

Zelfore…That first line “Stats earned via kingdoms only apply when fighting in that kingdom.”

Can you tell me what you mean by “when fighting IN that kingdom” Cause the picture i posted avbove shows my cards with the kingdom level bonuses fighting in pvp invade…i also checked same team in a differnt kingdoms challenges and had all my stat boost…

My top card Kerberos only has 10 atk normaly i got 1 atk for having leveled up my home kingdom Zaejin…No matter where i fight i seem to have a green +11 atk so im confused by that line

Kingdom bonuses are flag dependent. Even though it says you get a bonus for fighting in a specific kindgom that is wrong. My Karakoth is level 7. If I use the Karakoth(+2 purple mana) flag on any team, that team gets the bonus. However, if I fight in Karakoth without that flag, I do not get the bonus. The tooltips on console are wrong and outdated. Having a kingdom as your home kingdom also does not matter.

Ok so Stats are flaged based in your team set up and setting a kingdom as home only effects daily gold?

Yeah pretty much. The banner is what determines the bonuses (hence the tab name in the Troops section).

Damn… Everything in those console texts are wrong. How is someone supposed to figure all that out?

Makes you think that the devs don’t really care about the console version. This has been an issue for weeks.

Luck, trial and error, and these forums. That’s how I’ve been getting by. :laughing:

To increase your stats (attack, armour, health and magic) your kingdom level has to be increased maxed at 10, but the most important thing is that you need to have that kingdoms banner as well as have it as your home kingdom. and since completing story and challenges you only get 2, so you will need to max 8 troops from your home kingdom, and that being said not all kingdoms have 8 troops (ps4 idk about Pc) so you will need to find one that has 8 troops in order to hit the max for that kingdom. Heres a list of them in order.
Adana: 6 - Broken Spire: 7 - Divinion Fields: 7 - Forest of Thorns: 7 - Ghulvania: 7 - Karakoth: 6 -Khaziel: 8 - Khetar: 7 - Maugrim Woods: 6 - Mist of Scales: 6 - Pan’s Vale: 7 - Pridelands: 7 - Stormheim: 7 - Sword’s Edge: 8 - Whitehelm: 8 - Zaejin: 6 - and Zhul’Kari: 7
So if you want to get the full 10 stacks so far the only kingdoms are Khaziel, Sword’s Edge and Whitehelm.
Hope this helps. have fun and good luck.

You’re actually not fully correct. Ghulvania is also 8 troops and can be leveled to 10. It’s been like that since grave knight was secretly released.

Here’s a question that has me puzzled. I know how the kingdom bonus works with the banner etc… but…

Abhorrath if I use a karakoth banner has 12 starting attack but his kingdom is level 8 max of course. Now if I use him with Ghulvania which has a level 10 kingdome his attack is 11 but magic point means he buffs 8 attack so he evens out on first buff but I’m not sure why he gets an extra attack in karakoth compared to ghulvania when ghul is higher level.