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Green Seer not Green Slime in this weeks Event Chest? - 10th May

I bought two lots of x50 event chests today to try and ascend Abhorath and Green Slime to mythic
So that was quite a few gems spent
I got a lot of Green Seers - Not sure the exact amount but would guess at least 7 in total
I would have expected Green Slime (not Green Seer) to be part of the event chest this week given the Karakoth theme
Was this a mistake and if so is any way to get some additional Green Slimes as that was a card I use and is not yet mythic?

What are the steps to make it happen again?
Buy event chest bundles

Do you have any screenshots or video you want to share with us so we can see the problem? Attach them to your post!

Bought another 10 chests (and got more Green Seers) - got a screenshot this time
My question is - Are Green Slimes supposed to be in this chest, not Green Seers??
110 event chests, no Green Slimes, HEAPS of Green Seers
:frowning: Or perhaps its just random chance…

So the Legendary drop from an Event chest can only be the legendary(s) from that kingdom, however the other rarities are not as exclusive as the legendary. Each event chest has a higher drop rate of ultra-rares and epics from the current event’s kingdom, but it does contain some troops from other kingdoms. As we add more troops to kingdoms in the future we will switch more of these extra troops out to be replaced with the new kingdom troops. This should hopefully help balance event chests more towards a means to get those kingdom troops.

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Thanks for the detailed explanation
I ended up getting HEAPS of Green Seers out of the 110 event chests and no Green Slimes - and was sad
Given the similar names of the troops I did wonder if it was just a possible incorrect selection into the event chest
I now understand what happened and everyone will be better informed in the future
Thanks again for taking the time