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Great orb of ascension

I have no desire to chase Zuul at this point. I thought about making 4 mythic treasure gnomes for PvP defense for kicks. What are your plans with the orb?

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Admire it in my inventory.


That’s position is already taken by Gargantuar.


I guess my dilemma could be worse. What will I do with this great orb of growth? hmmm

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I’m planning on using it to ascend bountyhunters, at least one out of this first batch of 4, providing the event gives better rewards than raids/invasions. I’m trying to conserve gems with all these new modes and tier shops. I planned on using them for raids or invasions but i think i’ll need the extra sigils from the tier shops anyway in order to do my share for the guild. So i’m hoping this way i can still do the solo event (at least get a head start and maybe win some gems to progress further), and if not it will probably collect dust with my orbs of growth.

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Definitely an interesting approach. Not sure how this bounty will pan out yet. I’ll probably just hang on to it till a over powered common is released.

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