Ascend guardians?

I’ve been saving up for Zuul for awhile, and have 4 orbs of power. I regret having crafted the power orbs instead of keeping the ingredients (ascension orbs), but there’s nothing I can do about it now.

I don’t care as much about getting Zuul as I do about getting the monthly mythics, for which the guild chests have been pretty essential. But I do have 3400 gem keys and 30K gems saved up as well. So for awhile I could get by without relying on the guild chests.

I had one major ascension orb that I used on the wargare guardian. My dilemma is whether I should use the 4 power orbs to ascend four of the other guardians. That would leave one guardian left and with no competition it will ascend more quickly from guild chests (assuming I don’t meanwhile get another ascension orb).

Just wonder if anyone has any thoughts before I move forward with using those power orbs, since it will kind of hurt.

It is hard to make these decisions without knowing what is coming down the pipeline in this game.

Other general discussion about ascending the guardians is welcome as well.

Each ascension orb which you will use on a guardian already ascended to the legendary rarity will save you exactly 2000 guild seals. If you will use power orb on the first copy of guardian you will save just 3860 guild seals (and you need 12 ascension orbs to craft one power orb).
You will get 5 ascension orbs sooner or later, using power orbs right now will be a huge waste.


You’d be insane using a power orb on a troop.


Ha ha, ok thanks for the reality check you guys!


Gris, I’m in the same boat and decided to sit on the decision for a few days.

Also, i think you would still pull the other guardians, even if they’re at mythic, until all of them are mythic. I could be wrong, but i seem to remember it that way.


That’s indeed how they used to work. After 4.7, each individual guardian stops dropping once it’s Mythic and you have 4 copies.


Woohooo!!! That’s so much better.
Thanks :slight_smile: