Graphical Modding

@Sirrian Hello,before patch 1.07 i was able to modify the graphics on my hero and i had also made a completely different mapback file for the main kingdom map, these used to work but ever since 1.07 came out it seems that the game doesn’t read from my files anymore (im on pc/steam) can these still be modded?. I would have asked sooner but i havn’t been playing much since 1.07 came out and now that 1.08 is almost out i thought i would ask.

We made some changes to the texture format in 1.0.7 to speed up file loading. If you want to mod any graphics now, you’ll need to convert the PNGs over to an ATF (Adobe Texture Format) file… you should see a bunch of ATFs in the graphics folders now.

Adobe have a tool that lets you do this, though it can be a bit tricky to use. It’s called png2atf.exe, and you can probably google it online. The exact encoding command line we use with it is: “-c d -n 0,0”

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