[More info needed] Hero's with no cloths?

I keep seeing pictures popping up of female heros with no cloths on. Is this an actual bug? Or possibly an exploit?

I thought it was one of those nudie mods that some rather hard up types make. If this is a bug it’s a rather bizarre one/

It’s a bug, but it’s been a long time since there’ve been reports of it. It’s generally caused by failing to load the assets for the Hero’s equipped armor.

[Bites tongue…] :grin:

It is probably related to [Reported] Graphics Gone in Battles.

Oh no this notorious bug is back from 2015 or so :flushed:

Which armor did you have equipped @Gushismosu and which device were you playing the game on?

I’ve always wondered why there isn’t some less… prominent background art for the parts that are supposed to get overlayed by the armor.


Obviously my drawing skills are somewhat lacking. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Going by the screenshot it’s failing to show the armor of the opponent hero, so the own armor probably doesn’t change anything.

Oh you’re right, I missed that, thanks @Fourdottwoone I’ll do some more digging