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Looking for .png Files

While trying to make a bunch of custom emotes for @Fiara 's wonderful Guild, I came across a large issue. The wiki is quite outdated and does not include many icons in .png format.

While I was able to find the Skill Bonuses, Traitstones (Arcane ones, at least), and Treasure Hunt icons, things such as chests, keys, seals, and more were not on the many sites I visited. I even tried to get into the game files, which worked to an extent (I was able to find some of the sound effects and play them, which was neat), but the images appear to be locked up in a .unity3d file. Trying to extract the resources from these files got me into a mess of downloads and weird extraction tools which didn’t work. I know nothing about Unity, so downloading and using that would be a big pain in the rear, and I don’t think I could manage the program.

So my question is, is there anyone who has .png files for the game, or an easy way to obtain them? Besides something as silly as emotes for a Discord, .png files would be useful for the community in guides, videos, images, the wiki itself, and a lot more.

Current folder for GoW icons: CLICK HERE

I have a few that I can give to you @NerdieBirdie. I will send them to you in a pm.

Thank you! That would be much appreciated.

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Huge thanks to @Macawi who provided me with a bunch of the images I was unable to find.

I am now assembling a folder for a ton of png files, which I will put online for public use.


For anyone wanting a ton of GoW png files, here you go!