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Did the buttons get an upgrade?

I just noticed the button changes on the map screen :slight_smile:
Or am i just half sleep still :stuck_out_tongue:


They have on the phone. I wish I were home so I could see it on Steam.:disappointed:

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Dratz, you beat me to it.

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I guess I should check for an update on my mobile… it is the same old screen here.

Such small changes now and then is enough to make me happy! :slight_smile:


me too, the new hero button looks like a derpy stone dwarf… kinda adorable!

Imagine an alternative map that looks like an old map. :slight_smile:

Yeah I really like those changes. :slight_smile:

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Hmm just received a 5mb update… but still no icons on mobile :frowning:

Close and reboot

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I also just updated it, but here it worked, I got the new buttons installed. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, thanks to Mufasha I closed and rebooted, sweet new icons are here.

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Personnaly, I like little changes here and there too, but out of these buttons, I only like the guild and pvp ones :confused:

Maybe the hero art is next? crosses fingers


Steam doesn’t appear to be any different. Hmmm.

The new buttons are only on iOS and Android right now… we’re pre-loading some stuff on mobile for 2.0.1, and the buttons were a nice little bonus that everybody gets to see today!

New buttons will be on Steam when 2.0.1 releases.


Oh i see, so this is the aforementioned more updates, would be nice to have it be more cosmetically alterable. Wonder if i can make gems chose between one cosmetic button lay out and the other.

A lot of the troops seam to have gotten new artwork as well.

Do you notice a difference? I don’t.

I haven’t noticed any, which have you seen?

Not so sure anymore now. First one I thought had changed was Tankbot. The. I went through the troops and (probably imagined) lots of changes.