1.0.7 Server Maintenance

Hi All,

As you may have guessed, we’re in server maintenance for 1.0.7.

It won’t be too long.

You may have experienced a crash with the server maintenance message! If so - sorry about that… should be no harm done though, and when we turn the servers back on (shortly), and you update, then it should all be working fine again


Woohoo! It’s a relief, too, as I just tried to boot up the game and instead of loading, it just crashed (like it does, sometimes, as described in my support thread). So I tried it on my phone, which is newer and generally doesn’t crash like my iPad does. And it also crashed!

Tl,dr: I thought I was screwed, but instead I find good news!

Is this just prep for the update, or the update itself??

on steam GOW is being updated right now.

edit: i’m on 1.0.7, but some things still need to be fixed.

Good news… now I will wait and check for the Apple store…

Steam has downloaded earlier on this evening but I still can’t launch the game… I can hardly wait! :slight_smile:

We’re just waiting on the game appearing as an update in the app store now

Just a heads-up for Steam players… the scroll-wheel map-zooming is broken in this version of 1.0.7
It seems to be an unfortunate interaction with a new version of Adobe Air.
We’ll try to get it fixed for asap, but with the team out at PAX, it might take a few days.
In the mean time, you CAN use PageUp & PageDown to scroll

Once it’s done and ready, any plans on posting a news update on Steam? Could be a good chance to get some new player involved. :wink:

So many guides I’ll have to update… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m really looking forward to 1.07. :smiley: I’ve already updated it on Steam and am just looking forward to the servers going back up again.

Steam is working now! :smile:

Yeah, it is working :smiley:

But didn’t you say the kingdom levels would carry over? My previously maxed out kingdoms are level 9 now.


I was just about to ask the same thing.

Your kingdoms will not lose any levels when you upgrade to 1.0.7 – everything carries over just as it was before.
AND remember – as we mentioned above – your existing kingdom levels will NOT be lost when you upgrade to 1.0.7.

A couple of people who tried to log on during maintenance got their kingdom levels migrated incorrectly. I caught about 100 of them actually and fixed them manually.
Might have been a few more snuck through… if so, let us know at support (do NOT PURCHASE any extra levels) and we’ll force another migration for you

That’s what I get for being impatient, I guess. :confounded:

Thanks. Will do so immediately ^^

Is it just me… or is the game become incredibly fast?

I fought a battle and i could hardly follow the moves…

Can I just say how much I’m loving it? It is awesome. Just a little note cos that wouldn’t be the same without a comment ( :stuck_out_tongue: ), it’d be cool to sort troops by types (I’ve just spent a while looking at the new mechanics to make a specific kind of troop team). But I’m loooooving it! :smiley:

Great idea on the Sort-By-Type!

If you’re looking for a specific troop type, you CAN type it into the search box… so type in “Daemon” and it will show all the Daemons

Yes, I was going to comment on it, just did it to try it out and it worked perfectly, but you’ve beaten me to the suggestion. ^^
I’m going to have so much fun invading again. :blush:

Did we lose the ability to zoom in and out of the map, cause I really used that feature a lot?