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GoWDB: Weapon and Class page updates

Originally posted to http://gowdb.com:

Weapon Upgrades

After a long hiatus, I’m back with one of several updates that are sorely needed by GoWDB to become current again. The weapons pages now show both the weapon type (Bow, Axe, etc.) as well as what each tier of upgrade will provide for that weapon.

In the works, I have the class revamp and corresponding talent trees to add, as well as pages for pets. Sorry for the delay, and please let me know if there’s any inaccuracies in the new data or old.

Weapon Upgrades

As always, please contact me at @Lyya on the forums or via ashenbloom@gmail.com with feedback.


Update: I’ve also added class talent trees to the Class pages.



Hi there,

Are the Api endpoints up-to-date too?

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Looking forward to your updates, @Lyya. Yours is an indispensable resource that provides very valuable and timely information!


Thanks for the update, @Lyya. :smiley_cat: It’s much appreciated.

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Not yet, but I’ll add these.

Lyya, would it be possible to add the Event Date some weapons were available? That is, if the said date is present in the files and it’s an easy information to retrieve.

Added a column to the weapon table to show all upgrade effects in addition to the weapon’s built-in effects.



Awesome work @Lyya you rock!

I’ve just added class talent trees to the Class pages.



Awesome work Lyya! :blue_heart:

Thank you for your tireless service!