Hero Class Revisions


Since the release of our reworked hero classes we have received a lot of feedback. We have been paying close attention to how you felt regarding the talent trees, and have implemented changes to better match class synergies with specific troop types.

The changes are as follows:

  • Mechanist - The Fire Talent Tree has been changed to the Guardian Talent Tree.
  • Oracle - The Stone Talent Tree has been changed to the Wind Talent Tree.
  • Titan - The Wind Talent Tree has been changed to the Storm Talent Tree.

These changes are going out now. Please be aware that they may take some time to show up in your game.


@Gouki! @Gouki! Look! Look! :smiley:


Sooo many are gonna click on this thinking there will be news about the class change fee. :rofl:


It says class revisions, not fee revisions. :stuck_out_tongue:


People see what they want to see. Lol


While making revisions, can necromancer finally get the necromancy trait? It is literally the class of necromancy.


Fee revisions?!! WHERE


But… why? Wind is certainly less thematic than Fire… Why not kicked Wind for Guardian better than kicking Fire?

Are you planning to reword the tree talent? Because the Wind one is way too weak compared to other trees…


You forgot to add it in. Don’t worry it’s not too late to do it now.


Right here. We just want it to be permanent. :grin:


Awww yeah awesome stuff!


Thanks… But uhh… It’s July 4th. (Tomorrow)

Not today (July 3rd)


The rewards run for a few days. :slight_smile:


Here’s my up to date chart of talent tree :


Mechanist’s class weapon Dragonator 8000 is a missile weapon.

With Classes we tried to make sure the Talent tree that matches the class weapon is included. This is the same on all classes.


Bard class is the Peanut butter to Dawnbringer’s jelly. Yet Sword isn’t on the skill tree anywhere.
Same deal with Archer class and Hope’s Crescent… no love for axes with the tree though.

Fyi… I’d gladly spend gems got the ability to customize any tree to my exact play style for my hero. So long as the change is permanent.


We got a free revision of the tree decision, might we see inhibition of the fee acquisition?


id like the ability to use the 7 talent points anywhere i want like use all 3 of one row etc

like this
:trophy: :trophy: :trophy:
:trophy: :trophy: :trophy:
:trophy: :lock: :lock:
:lock: :lock: :lock:
:lock: :lock: :lock:
:lock: :lock: :lock:
:lock: :lock: :lock:

instead of this

:trophy: :lock: :lock:
:lock: :trophy: :lock:
:lock: :trophy: :lock:
:lock: :trophy: :lock:
:lock: :lock: :trophy:
:trophy: :lock: :lock:
:trophy: :lock: :lock:


Maybe missile weapon should be on the Fire tree… Missile explodes = Fire. :slight_smile:


One downgrade, one upgrade, and one equivalent exchange.

Hmm, interesting.

I guess next up, giving the Wind Tree a serious buff.