If you were a Sirrian, what would you advise your team to improve about Gems of War?

Yes, because if the company made no money at all, there would be lots of money for new content, quality of life changes, and those new patches… I’m sorry you feel I’m part of the reason free to play players have such a hard time, if that’s what you were suggesting.


You’re kidding right?
You’re blaming those who pay the electricity bill for the increase in the cost of electricity?
(Read an economics book and then get back to me.)


Don’t waste your time with idiots. That’s what I’m here for. :grinning:


Not all free to play players have a hard time :wink:


That’s awesome, and good to hear. I certainly wouldn’t hold grudges or call out anyone for being free to play, what others choose to support or not support with their cash is of no concern to me. My response was really aimed at not understanding why the people that actively support the game would be considered the cause for others to be subjugated to unfair practices, but I guess I don’t have to, since it doesn’t really effect me.

And this has really gone off topic. We should get back to what’s important in this thread, which is people voting on what cool things they would choose to change if GOW was their project.

I am somewhere around level 1250, VIP 2, and have been playing since May 2016. No breaks, but I am certainly playing MUCH less per week.

Pure Faction Delves are the worst aspect of this game, imo. The balancing, even with the recent update, is poor and I’m not spending an entire weekend grinding a delve with potions just to clear it. I have a better things to do with my time.

I also voted for pet rescue because that needs some attention as well. My recommendation is to create a weekly pet rotation schedule or give us a week long pet event that corresponds to the kingdom weekly event and does not interfere with the usual pet events. That way, those of us who are being held up by not having mythic pets to level our kingdoms can decide if it’s worth spending resources on pet baskets or not.


Level 1646
VIP 14

I’m not Sirrian, but this is how I feel about the game.

Adventure Boards: Boring filler content, either I do it or don’t.

Challenges: Boring filler content, I don’t see the need to do them.

Chaos Orbs: Boring filler content and aggravating. Either I’m content with a Blue orb or indifferent and just reminded of boredom. The gambling aspect is worse than knowing what I’m getting from the get-go.

Cheating: not an issue on X1 thankfully

Class Trials: Boring filler content, poorly structured, and poorly priced.

Classes: Good idea done poorly. Will think that way as long as some trees are useless/near useless. Hero Class Revisions

  • Mechanist - The Fire Talent Tree has been changed to the Guardian Talent Tree.
  • Oracle - The Stone Talent Tree has been changed to the Wind Talent Tree.
  • Titan - The Wind Talent Tree has been changed to the Storm Talent Tree.

The Mechanist change bugs me, especially since we’ll never get a 50% mana class with the Fire tree now. Would gladly sacrifice the Wind Tree. Likewise, Oracle being downgraded with Wind from Stone.

Deeds: Bad idea done poorly. Scrap it. If I have to give a special spin, I’d say make Deeds purchasable with Souls daily in limited amounts. Time gated, but less obnoxious than the Adventure Board.

Diamonds/Jewels: I think its done poorly. Outside of using Diamonds for Mythics, I can’t think of one feature I really like about Diamonds or Jewels. Yeah, you can craft weapons you’re missing, but I don’t think weapons should be done that way in the first place.

Explore: Fine, Quests: Not sure its in a good place for new players.

Factions: Okay, though rewards are uninspired. Gold per day isn’t very exciting of a long term goal. Ingots per day is actually a nice idea, but not if its the only thing. 3 Delves per day is a poor amount when more new factions keep coming out, but its overshadowed by the fact there’s very little incentive to do them when factions are maxed out. People on both end of the spectrum are screwed.

Faction Assaults: I thought Tuesday one day events are stupid, though it makes it easier to get 1st on the leaderboard for the Orb of Power. Could easily be two (have it run concurrent with Wednesday Pet Rescue) or even three (class events don’t last that long unless going for the top of the leaderboard).

Game Chat: Fine when it works.

Gems Currency: I think its a bit on the low side, but it must be successful as I get nervous for people every week when an event is going. Leaderboard expenditures are going higher and higher.

Gold: Fine, as long as its not expected to be spent on upgrading Faction treasure hoard.

Guild Wars: This mode is slowly falling apart. I liked Guild Wars to get away from slot machine gameplay and these empowered troops have made the experience less enjoyable.

Guilds: They’re too mandatory to play the game and yet it doesn’t feel like there’s much interaction required for a guild environment. Feels like it lacks co-operative gameplay. Tower of Doom isn’t much co-op, just one person scouting and everyone dodging landmines that are supposed to have been helpful in its inception.

Invasions: Boring filler content

Legendary Tasks: Nerfed so many times that its become more boring filler content. I’m not excited by any of the drops in a LT. A mythic is nice, but how often does that come up? Most mythics aren’t worth batting an eye at.

Mailbox: At least its been updated a few times, but its something that should never have been able to go over 100 pieces of mail in a few days during the holiday. The fact that you can’t “hold” mail or prioritize certain mail is silly. The guild mate I had that didn’t receive his GW rewards because his mailbox went over 100 during Christmas quit the game. Well done.

Monetization: Overpriced

Notifications: seems less stable than before

Overall Difficulty: artificial. Nothing is in the sweet spot. Its either ridiculously imbalanced (Pure Faction teams) or too easy (everything else with potions)

Pets: Good idea done poorly. In 3-5 years, I hate to be the one trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Pet Rescues: Length of time: I think you start it and are actively playing it, you should be allowed to finish it. Cosmetic pets shouldn’t exist, there’s too many arbitrary bonuses that it could be doing, like giving 1 extra gold per battle. Pet targetting is something that needs to be explored sooner rather than later.

PvP: Filler content. Would say boring, but what else could be played in the game? I feel like PvP could be tied back into a Guild Activity, like clearing x amount of battles as a guild unlocks a reward for the guild for conquering an area, like temporary gold gain bonus, or extra xp bonus etc.

PvP/Guild Wars Defense: Sliders were a good idea done poorly. Needed some text stating the purpose of the sliders, which was never actually provided. Don’t care if Sliders don’t come back, but a proper place to actually test defenses is needed.

RNG: The RNG in this game is busted. I’m sure someone will fight me on this stating probability. I don’t care enough about it.

Quality Assurance: where?

Servers: Its usually fine

Souls/Glory: We just need less currency in general. They’re making this game way overcomplicated for no good reason.

Soulforge: see Diamonds/Jewels

Tower of Doom: Boring Filler Content. Rewards don’t justify the content.

Traitstones: Somehow, fine.

Treasure Maps: This wouldn’t be an issue if Treasure Maps weren’t so pointless. Maybe if you could actually use them else where? Use them as Daily Delve tokens, for one.

Troops: most of them are balanced, but its the ones that aren’t that stand out more.

Tutorials: Despite Luther showing up every 5 minutes, I don’t think the game actually teaches all that well. Yeah, you can look up a game guide off the game, but then it breaks immersion.

VIP Bonuses: Really outdated, could use more.

Weapons: most of them are balanced, but its the ones that aren’t that stand out more.

This game is really far from what I signed up for when I first started. I ask myself daily why do I still play Gems of War? My favorite part of the game in the past was using new troops and trying to make creative teams, but even that’s gone.

I guess I’m just waiting to be wowed. I am impressed by things, but in the wrong direction.


@awryan I’m surprised you didn’t bring up gnomes/battle crashers/the vault


Those seem like all additions. It’s hard to bitch about a free meal. :grinning:
(Plus only 40 options on the poll. I did my best to think of others issues and not just my own. But I’ve never heard of folks having issues with them.)


The only time I heard people having issue with battle crasher is a strong/ mythic lvl battle crasher (Phoenicia) or a mana generator one. The other time was battle crasher happen before / during GW week with shitty reward and the player cant practice a certain match up

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Vip 10, lv 1212

  1. Pure delve faction.
    If its about stats, make hoard leveling less exponential. Or make it exponential at lv 250 Or 300. Sacred treasure drop rate should be much higher, or craftable.
  2. Orbs of ascension please.
  3. Make new talent trees
  4. Make hero class for different type of troops. There is already a bunch of human, elf, fey, dwarf. Amiss are elemental, mystic, construct, etc…

Lvl 1291 and Vip 0 here, defo i cant be defined a “knight in shiny armor protecting the devs/publisher” still gotta say GoW is really f2p friendly, actually the most f2p friendly game i played so far.

I dont really see all that monetization you talk about (ring of wonder? deathknight armor? the lately deeds that cost so much? only save you a bit of time and give quite little bonuses), most stuff locked behind paywalls is optional to say the least (take this week weapon as example, Staff of Madness, i dont have it and i wont “miss” it either).

Ps: thought we could put just 1 vote in the pool hehe, only after seen you could pick multiple choices.


Perhaps my wording was a bit off.

Not really. It’s a general consesus that’s most commonly used why the monetization is so absurdly expensive. Mostly because of OCDs or because of so-called “Whales” that are throwing so much money, making it more expensive and less accessible to other, poorer groups.

I don’t exactly share the same view about this matter, and I really don’t care, because the money they pay, is their own.

Amazing, but I expected nothing less from you. You need your daily dose of self-relevance, I suppose.
Perhaps I wrote this, so that you can lecture me about the economics, Mister Ryan.

Good day!

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I never responded to this, because I had too much to say, and I also couldn’t see “find a new publisher (or crowdfund to publish the game independently)” amongst the options (/didn’t feel like being so antagonistic at the time).

I think it’s still relevant, though :stuck_out_tongue:.


Level 1396 and vip 5, Been playing for 3.5 years

  1. Pets, can we have a ticket sent to mail box once guild get one, it expires in 24 hours. So no one will miss it because work or rl.
  2. Faction, can we allow players to choose the level they would like to start during the Tuesday event? (up to normal faction level they reached) Players will still need to buy potions to pass level 500, but at least it’s not that time considering.
  3. Diamonds, glory and other resources. Can we use " gem value " to create exchange rate between all of them. So players can get the resources they really need.
  4. Guild War. Recently I had the chance to play really low rank GW. Feels so relax and fun. But you only feel stressed and depressed at high rank ( rank 1-3) Currently the strict on offense and defense is unbalanced. RNG takes too heavy weight due to so many empowered troops.
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You remind me.
Gnome, can we have another way to get gnomes?! Most gnomes are useless, I get it. But is there a good reason that players don’t have a more guaranteed way to get a troop? Even just adding them in soulforge would be great.

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Level 1287, vip 8 (funny story when I quit smoking I started spending that money on the game lol), playing since…Ragnagord came out so maybe 3 years?

To be honest I don’t have any complaints beyond the balance of the game. Classes/talent trees, weapon balance, troop balance, and now things like medals. I feel that as the core parts of the game these are the things that draw people in and keep the game fun and interesting. I like to try different troop and hero/weapon combinations and fight against unique opponent teams. I like to get excited for new troops, weapons and classes. It’s no fun to play the same meta teams over and over again. Or to have the same set of troops be on top of the food chain for too long. That means making tweaks every now and then, and nerfing troublesome overused things and also buffing underused troops, weapons and classes. People will always find what the best combination, strategy, etc is in any game, but if the meta changes often enough it keeps it from getting stale.


I’m level 1,279, VIP 5, playing the game since November of 2015.
I’ve seen so many updates and features added/taken away. I really think the game was in a better place before it became a “Who has 300 hours to play” kind of grind game.

I voted for Class XP change, I really think something needs to be done with that (NOT making more XP levels, 100 is good enough, but maybe changing some old talent trees or making it where you earn random Class XP if using a class that is already 100.) :arrow_left:Not my idea btw

And I also voted for the Faction assault change, that just needs to be gutted and burned, along with Factions imo.

And Guild Wars, :arrow_left:Nuff said about that horrible event.🤦🏻


Great post and I think most of my gripes have been covered already.

VIP 1, lvl 1290…almost 2 years playing.

Classes are/were a good idea but the lack of creativity and tree variation make most mediocre. Sadly, I believe class progression is reqd for Kingdom development. Replacing thief with corsair or another light fingerer is mundane in the extreme.

Events…I am lumping these together as post potion mind numbing tedium. Last weeks class event was appalling in terms of troop variety. Bounty is always rubbish and all sense of accomplishment due to strategy and skill has been decimated by potions and “buy an orb” leaderboards. Awful.

The exception (to some extent) and the albatross of the game is of course delves. This is nothing short of an exercise in sadism. Troops are generally shocking, the opposition stats are horrific and the time reqd to max a faction during the event is outrageous. 24 hour events shud be scrapped as @awryan says. It’s bad enough doing max renown for a new faction event. 2 days minimum sounds right for repeated factions. Sirrian encourages less game time; here is a great opportunity to back up that mindset.

Similarly, some events are too long. Less time commitment and thus healthier playing style can be attained by reducing the grind/reward ratio without compromising the necessary gem investment by scaling proportionately.

Lastly, empowerment. It’s gone way too far. Often in pvp (and wars) you’ve got 2 empowered troops converting yellow and green into skulls turn 1. Obviously you are entangled by the hero class etc etc. It’s absolute shite. Most teams have theoretical counters but all your creative team building endeavours can count for diddly squat when the board launches at the start of battle.

The only other thing really is doom, but that’s more about players reluctance to engage with their guild mates, not follow floor plans, refusal to scout (so they get more weapon scrolls) and wasting sigils all over the shop. One of the biggest issues in the game is the frustration of progressive guilds being thwarted by lack of teamwork. Not an issue for the top guys but that’s a big factor as to why you are the top guys.

Finally, ban ALTS…freeloading and clogging up guilds so they can fake honour their main accounts. In fact, ban honour…totally wrecked helpful chat exchanges and recruitment.

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