Hero Class Revisions

Quick fix of generic tree application to another slightly more thematic generic application… still a missed opportunity… what about all the nonsense troop type pairings that are still created…?


So… Am I the only one wondering why the sorcerer of all classes doesn’t have the Arcane tree? Like, the sorcerer embodies the very definition of arcane magic, it’s in his blood! I’ld gladly ditch Knowledge for it, flavorwise, since the sorcerer is usually about innate magic in most tropes, he doesn’t have to study it. That leaves a class with a huge overlap with the necromancer though, so maybe the Shadow tree needs to go as well? Eh, I don’t know, I was very suprised to see Arcane not show up in the, in my mind, most arcane class of all.


I’ve been enjoying using Sorcerer. I’m a new player (4 months, Level 269), and that was my first Class I’d used and leveled up. I’d been using my Hero (with scythe weapon) through all my battles even before the game updates.

I’d also leveled up Necromancer recently to unlock that death weapon, but have not tried the other Classes, yet. I went back to Sorcerer – enjoying it too much and increasing my Hero level there. :slight_smile:

Please guys can you stop everything you do now and fix the damn freezing? This is annoying, need to restart game every 30 min cause after this it’s unplayable.

And while you are there fix the chat!!!



These changes were good changes at least

Is it the necro thread day?