GoW music topic


I mostly listening to Rhapsody of Fire when i play,awesome band.


I go with things like these :wink::


Is it exactly the same or just similar? One of battle music themes in GoW makes me think “Pirates of Carribean”. Perhaps just a coincidence?


Exactly the same.


Probably found the answer:


@Stan song is a few years old now, but I thought you would like it.



Thanks for bumping this thread for me @en9nhcet, I was just looking this up to put it on here, perfect timing!

That was a pain, finally got it to go through right.


These guys turn in my head…curious about upcoming album:


@eika Do you know Tokyo Police Club? If not, I think you’d like this:


Cool song! Nah, first time I have heard of them. :slight_smile:

One back at ya Goodwill @Stan :slight_smile:


Cool. Is he Norwegian?


Yeah. :slight_smile:


One more for you:

The singer is from a town just down the road from where I live, though the band is based in Vancouver now.


Very nice voice on her. :slight_smile:


I know - we had only heard her on the radio before and it was only when we watched the video that we realized that she was singing both parts! They are playing Edmonton in 10 days so I think we’ll try to get out and catch their show.


I didn’t read the whole thread so pardon any repeats, but here are some recent favorites i’ve found ( and some rediscoveries) that you might enjoy:

Com Truise - Neu Division https://youtu.be/B9J7_nIjC4Y
Studio - Life’s A Beach https://youtu.be/-GAu09vgukk
Wipers - When It’s Over https://youtu.be/o0ioRece5YQ
Rahsaan Roland Kirk - The Inflated Tear https://youtu.be/ZIqLJmlQQNM
Mulatu Astatke - Tezeta https://youtu.be/Wy-v-FgiUD8
Ildjarn - Nidhogg - Amber Lake https://youtu.be/u4xcQBC3dcE
The Go-Betweens - Cattle and Cane https://youtu.be/vkrEiD9s0pU
Guided By Voices - I Am a Scientist https://youtu.be/zN9x6zckn18
The Innocence Mission - I Never Knew You from the Sun https://youtu.be/GWNLWV-Z-qM
The Blue Nile - Let’s Go Out Tonight https://youtu.be/OR6EdDG0y5g
Rowland S. Howard - Shut Me Down https://youtu.be/zFgiXRnzH0k
Cannibal Ox The F Word https://youtu.be/dHQkaWop8b0
Lykathea Aflame - A Step Closer https://youtu.be/2Dx8TP9UMX8


I Only Listen To The Mountain Goats



A M83 trilogy.

Enjoy. They did make this as a music video trilogy, they are in the proper order to watch in.