Gems of War Music

I had a very weird experience last night. First of all, I live in Brazil.

I sat on the couch and US Undercover Boss (the dubbed PT-BR version) was about to start on TV. It was S05E02. As soon as it started, the intro started running, but I recognized the music. It was one of GoW’s battle tunes! I was at first in shock, but no doubt that was GoW’s music–I have indeed been playing GoW too much, but not THAT much as to have hallucinations. I quickly came to my computer and downloaded the original episode (US version) just to make sure. But the music was different from GoW this time.

So I thought, maybe they found any music on the internet and put it there when they didn’t have access to the original music, maybe after having to override the whole sound when dubbing it.

But the question remains: is GoW’s music in public domain? When I woke up, I noticed the episode was about to run again, so I’ve recorded it with my phone as proof I’m not crazy (sorry about the quality):

Crazy, huh?


Our music is not public domain, but we don’t have an exclusive license, so in this case you might see it appear occasionally in a few other places.


Thanks for the asnwer. I just thought it was weird that only the Brazilian dubbed version of the show has it… And what are the odds that you have a Brazilian guy watching US Undercover Boss AND plays Gems of War, huh?


A band that i’ve been following for something like 20 years (and loved to see live, until Ed got rid of Seeweed (analog keys) and Champignion on (Flute) is Ozric tentacles. If you like Pink Floyd, you probably like this.