Real life Elwyns

As the header of the topic suggests, Are there any real life Elwyns/Musicians either in bands or solo performers who play Gems of War and feel the need to share abit of their music?

Please tell me i’m not the only one…


I’ll jump in!
I used to compose all of the soundtracks for our games from 1989 - 2004… I really miss writing/arranging music, but I found there were SO many talented composers out there better than me that it didn’t make sense to keep doing it myself.

Here’s a couple of tracks from one of my last soundtracks in 2002… they sound a bit dated by today’s production standards but have lots of happy memories for ME!

You have to share some of YOURS now @A1m5hot :stuck_out_tongue:


So that WAS you busking on the streets of Melbourne!


Whatever it takes to get the budget for our games… I’m there!


Haha :stuck_out_tongue:
As soon as I got to the intro, was very reminiscent of Fremantle streets in the 90’s
Alas my talent pool is more like a shallow puddle.

I have some suggestions but um they are not kosher if you know what i mean. A man of your (idk) age might not want to do them. Bake sales, selling candy bars, giving messages, selling lemonade.

Sirrian gives messages every week!


I guess that was a typo and it meant massages… Which was a place I really didn’t want to go… Eughhhhh

I know :stuck_out_tongue:

I did not think of that. Hmm wonder how good it would be.

I guess it’s my turn now @Sirrian

2 years ago me and some of my buddies started a rock/metal band and we are currently working towards our first EP, which is most likely coming out this summer.

Below, those are 2 of our songs for now on Youtube.
I hope you enjoy them :slight_smile:


That’s MY kind of music. I’ve been a bit of a metalhead for years!
Nice production quality. I particularly like Hollow.

Is that you singing?

I’m playing rythm guitar and backing vocals :smiley:
I’m so glad you liked them especially Hollow since it’s the first song we’ve written.
End of the world gets around my doom and american power metal influences :smiley:

I liked Hollow more than End of the World. The music suits me more. I can still hear the doom influence, but it’s not as dominant as the lead guitar hooks and wails. It’s a great opening riff, too.
I also liked the mix better on Hollow, with the drums driving from behind rather than being so far forward (as they were in End of The World).

I actually listened to Hollow all the way through, which is quite rare for me and random unknown songs on the internet.
I would even listen to it again.

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So, @Sirrian, I used to play Warlords II and I always liked the drums on that track.

I don’t typically like computer game sound tracks, so that was very significant for me, back in the day.
At least this one I could play it in the background while I played the game.

It also has that ‘epic’ feel that I get out of power metal, so maybe that was why I like it.

I have to admit I turned off the music on Battlecry most of the times and used my own playlists :worried:

Hollow was recorded proffesionaly in a studio with each instrument recorded separately while, End of the World is a live rehearse hence the sound is much more raw :smiley:
I’m really glad you enjoyed :wink:

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@Sirrian We recently recorded a live rehearsal of a new song called Ghost Town Station
You also have a chance to see who we are! (I’m the guy playing a black ESP Eclipse guitar)
Hope you enjoy :smiley:

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There’s only ONE WAY to handle real life Elwyns.

I play metal guitar and sing vocal fry