Would the Gems of War devs help another game?

I am a big fan of 505 games but man Battle Ages really needs help. Would you all mind taking over that game and fix the match making? It is bad…ugh.

No, we need more people working on GoW instead. :stuck_out_tongue:


I volunteer as a tribute!

Well they can pop over fix the BA and then the BA team owes them and has to help on GoW😀

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505 is a big company, i hope.

151 employees according to Wikipedia

That is way bigger than @Sirrian’s team of probably no more than 20. How big is your team @Sirrian if you do not mind me asking?

We’re about 10 guys (and gals) + various contractors

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Wow for a game like this?! That is a skeleton crew at least! I over estimated your team size, i am sorry, i did not know. No wonder the big updates are 3 months apart and sometimes contain bugs. I hope your team grows in the future. Thank them all for me would ya?


Wow, I knew it was small, but I was thinking more in the 20 people range. Nice work doing what you do with that small a team!

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It’s a pretty experienced team though, which makes a HUGE difference… a couple of us have been making games for 30+ years, and even the “juniors” here have been in the game industry for 10 years!


Yeah experience can do it. But even then, it’s still a huge achievement for such a small team.

Also it’s great to see an Aussie team doing so well :wink:

I am impressed, with that much experience going on for you guys i thought it was twice the size for 2 years.

Out of curiosity, what kind of contract work get’s done? I’ve never been able to figure out what kind of work in game dev is contracted out, other than art and sound.

You guessed it, art & music, though our Art Director, Rhio, is one of our full-time employees, and manages between 4-8 contractors at various times.
We also contract out music, but I do the rest of the sound engineering myself.

We used to have about 70 people in the studio in 2010, and half of those were artists, and we even had full-time audio guys, but sadly it’s just become more efficient to outsource that work now.


So it’s decided then that rather than the Gems team help Battle Ages, they’ll absorb the BA team and abandon BA entirely so Gems gets bigger and better more quickly?


I’m so glad I stumbled upon this game.

I’ve been playing games since the late 70’s/early 80’s and have quite fond memories of some of your work.


Holy crap that’s awesome! I only ever played the first one and keep wanting to try the later ones via GoG but never have time thanks to my Gems addiction :smile:

One of my favorite old school REAL strategy games. Wish the would release it again on ps4.

Does the other game have a cult following like this one?