Ode to Gems of War Video

Greetings all!

As some of you know, my humble Ode to Gems of War was a finalist in the recent PS4 creativity contest. Since then, I’ve been moving towards video content for all my original music. This particular piece is a natural, it seems, but I am concerned about using graphics from the game in a video that will be publicly available on YouTube.

So to break this into two points:

  1. Is there artwork available now that is copyright free and or user-submitted and available for the public?

  2. Are there any existing copyright issues that may interfere with publishing a video of my entry to YouTube?

  3. Anybody wanna throw some artwork at a video? You get credit! No, it’s not anything to make money, but you get credit!

  4. That was not two points.

Thanks all, for indulging my monkey business. You can see where all the fuss will be about here. Subscribe if you like, please?



Hey @DrPhoenixJ,

You might want to check with @efh313 as he has already made a few music videos that have featured art from the game. He is very careful to label all of his work as parody, though, so that might give him the out he needs as far as copyright is concerned. He has primarily used screenshots as far as I’m aware.

@Saltypatra might be able to give some insight on the use of game art for a project like this as well.

Aside from that, I think I’ll leave it to the IP lawyers…


By Venoxia, you might have something there! Some disclaimer language for user content on external social media sites would be really helpful! Maybe the developers can lend something legalese?

I can look into this next week for you. :slight_smile:


Thank you very much! Just realized the gallery on this site has a ton of assets, including logos for everyone. I can harvest the daylights out of that and whip up a video pretty quickly!

[edit] Yes, I can go on a screen-cap and crop frenzy, but “Images used by permissionalways works better. That’s ultimately what this boils down to. Permissions and credits. If I haven’t told you lately, I’mma tell you again right now. You guys rock!