Soundtrack Update - Patch 2.1.5

Is anyone else very disappointed that the distinctive and enjoyable soundtrack has been replaced? The new soundtrack is far less memorable and grates on me after a while - I’m not really sure why the developers thought this was an improvement or why they even decided to change it in the first place.

The soundtrack was one of the things I loved about GoW but I’ve turned off the in game music for now to save my sanity and will just have to resort to using Spotify to provide me with atmospheric music instead.

Here’s hoping the original soundtrack is added back in as an option st some point :frowning:

I love the new soundtrack. Way better than the old one.

game_p2 is my favorite track from the files. No clue if they have actual names other than their file names.

I don’t think either soundtrack is any better or worse than the other. I’ve muted them both. :smirk:


I play on my mobile with the sound turned off so I don’t have an opinion on the music since I never listen to it however, @Nimhain mentioned something about them not having rights to offer the original music outside of the game so perhaps it was just a matter of cost savings? Original music they own would allow them to (possibly) save money on royalties, etc. and do more with the music they created (such as offer it for separate download, etc).

Just a guess :slight_smile:

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Can’t we keep the old with the new and just rotate around on a random basis?


Please add those old soundtrack files into our game files…
New soundtracks are good, but I still need those old tracks… Especially those old tracks in late 2014…

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Or at minimum just add an option in the menu to use old or new soundrack.

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Sirrian had mentioned that the old music was licensed and not exclusive to GOW, so this would potentially be a one-time investment to replace an ongoing expense. They would most likely not want to continue paying the ongoing licence fees after paying a composer for exclusive music.


I don’t mind the new music (although I’ve now gone back to muting it like the last iteration) but what I did notice - and was annoyed by - was the transition between tracks. Its just … argh. Not very seamless?

For anyone who wants the old tracks, I have them saved on my computer. No clue how I would upload for sharing them, nor if it is even legal to do so. xD

I still have all the old files backed up from when I use to change visuals in the game over a year ago and use some of them for thumbnails too since not all the files are in the current files.

We never purchased the rights to distribute the old tracks of music. So while you could share it, it would be illegal. And we can’t give you permission to do so.

@Nimhain could the original soundtrack be added back into the game? Or do you no longer have the rights to include it?

I really like the new music, and I enjoy the change of pace in the game that it adds. More drama!


I love the new music. Thats an upgrade! :wink:

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If you listen carefully to the new music, you will find some of the thematic lines in the old music are repeated, but also re-arranged, presumably to protect the composer from infringement. The new music does lack the same dramatic punchiness the old music had. That being said, I had been playing with the music off for ages, since it gets tiring after the 3,000th playthrough. At least the new sequence is longer.

See I think the new battle music has much better tension than the old but that’s just me.

Well I have a little bit of a lead, but it’s not much. I recently noticed that some of the old soundtrack for this game was featured in a YouTube video by Channel Awesome entitled “Batman v Superman - Nostalgia Critic” at around the 1:53 mark. Maybe searching through the channel awesome community might prove useful, but things still look bleak.

Channel Awesome forums: