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GoW music topic

Besides loving videogames (i’m playing videogames for 30-some years now), my biggest love is, and will always be music.
I have a collection of 3000 to 3200 original (so copied cd’s and tapes are not counted) cds and about 500 to 600 vinyl. When my plans to give them an other place in my house i my home i will recount the exact amount. :wink:
I love the hear a lot of different styles ad genres: from heavy metal, (oldschool) hiphop, psychedelica, dance (techno, deephouse, goa-trance, hardcore. No EDM please!), opera/ classical, (indy) rock and way more (undergound) styles.
I would like to hear what sounds you like to listen to.

I will start with Kytemans Hiphop Orchestra.


Here’s a couple of instrumental songs that I discovered recently.

The first is a powerful piano piece and personal favorite of mine:

Second one’s a bit livelier and (IMO) deserving of far more than its 20+ views.

Option B, in case youtube doesn’t work:


Instrumental I’m listening at the moment is Brunuhville and Adrian von Ziegler

Other music I’ve been enjoying is stuff like Within Tempatation and random video game music.


I’m pretty eclectic in my music. I’ve been burning through Amazon Primes stations from 90s alternative and heavy rock to pop and country. Right now I’ve circled back to DJ Encore which for some reason just sticks with me. http://youtu.be/8rOoSehAlIw

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I listen to all sorts of music…

…but for working I love piano music, like this WONDERFUL piece: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oug2c6gTvX4

(and yes, the bold italics really are SO necessary…)


@dhjl: i got a “this video is not available” message from your second track. :frowning:

@Nimhain: I’ve seen Within Temptation playing live (at least) 4 or 5 times. Not that difficult as they are from my home country. :wink:

@Mufasha: DJ Encore is oldschool trance. I’ve never realy been into it, but it sure brings up memories to me.

@Jainus: That is indeed a wonderfull piece of music!

After hearing these piano music posted here i think some of you might like Eric Satie. To me great music in the evening, to be consumed with a glass of wine and a good conversation with my partner.


Yep I’d second that, I know that stuff well…


I would have been surprised if you didn’t know Satie. :smiley:

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Also a fan of Ludovico Einaudi?

EDIT - I’ve had the privilege of seeing this guy live a few times… simply stunning :smiley:


I hadn’t heard of him before, but i placed an album of him on my wishlist.
I really liked what you posted!

Man, I feel like a philistine when reading this. The only thing I listen to are soundtracks from other games, preferably boss themes.

I created this topic because i am curious what kind of music other GoW players listen to. So you can post any kind of music here. This definatelly not about bragging about “good” musical taste.

I was lucky enough to have a father that loves music a lot and is a pretty good amateur musician. Due to my father i had my first stereoset when i was 6 years old (and is 37 years ago at the moment :blush:) and had the album collection from my father i could listen to. So i musically grew up with many kinds of music, and shifted what i liked and what not.
Over the years there came more styles i grew into, like i only started to really like Frank Sinatra, even though i have heard al of my life.

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This sums up my taste of music. :innocent:


I have been lucky to have seen the Ramones 3 times live. Twice at a festival and once in a club with only 700 people.
The Smith have never been music i liked.
I like new order, but i still prefer Joy Division.

This satherday i’m going to a gig from “the bootleg doors” with my partner. Looking forward to that!


Holy Moses.:heart_eyes: That is something that you are allowed to brag about rest of your life. That would be a dream come true for me. :grin:Now when you mention Joy Division, I have 3 big posters of them over the wall. It is one of my favourite bands, the pre-New Order band. I just love Ian Curtis! Shame he died early.

I also love The Doors! You are lucky that is able to see those big bands. I take off my hat for your taste, even if I doesnt have any hair. :heart_eyes::grin:

I don’t like to brag about that acts i’ve seen live. :wink:
For a lot of the “big acts” i was lucky to be at the right place at the right time, although it might help i had the right connentions at those times. And i still have those connections. LOL.
I’ve been working at two (small) concert halls in the past, and was well known in the scene in Eindhoven, the Netherlands when i lived there till 10 years ago. In a good weekend i could see 7 to 12 acts playing. Those were the times…

Joy Division is indeed pre- New Order. As a math of fact, Ian committed suicide 3 months after playing in the Effenaar in Eindhoven. I was way to young at that time (from my mind it was1980, and i’m born in 1972. :wink: )

7-12 acts in a weekend, wow! :slight_smile: You have seen more concert than most then I believe, its few things in life that gives more pleasure than concerts. Thats for sure. Yeah you are right about Ian Curtis. It was in the middle of May he got enough. He was already dealing with Major Depression for a long period combined with a lot of stress due tons of play jobs, and then he got epilepsy on top of it. He did know that his career was taken from him then. There was not so good medicines for epilepsy back then…

found this band on Spotify today. Quite a good band, if you ask me.

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Do you play Gems of War on mobile at all? Because I can’t imagine how full your phone is with music. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of choosing the memory eating IOS, and have to delete a couple more albums every single update.

These have been my go-to’s recently:

For a movie soundtrack: Tron: Legacy (Daft Punk)

For game soundtracks: Bastion and Transistor (Darren Korb)

For anime soundtracks: Cowboy Bebop (Yoko Kanno)

For an actual album: Grow Up and Blow Away (Metric)

For a score(as opposed to four score): Jurrasic World (Michael Giacchino)

I finally saw the new Star Wars, and the theater was still pretty busy. I am currently listening to some John Williams. Unfortunately, he didn’t do Maz’s cantina song, and it is not on the soundtrack. I was going to link it, but I can’t find it. So, here is the original Cantina Band anyways:


@Eika: That is indeed a great track. It has been written very smart building up that way towards the end.
Thanks for sharing!

@utfanx2:I play on steam only, as GoW can’t be played on my Lumia 950XL with Windows mobile 10. :frowning: The phone has 32GB storage on it’s own, but i have a 32 GB micro-sd at the moment.

I actually don’t have many music on my phone at the moment. From my mind i have both albums of Kendrick Lamar (rap), some albums of Boards of Canada (analog electronic ambient. They use old analog electronic instruments only), 2 or 3 ambient dj-sets recorded by a friend of mine, some techno dj-sets and a few dj sets of Deed Dish on my phone.
In my private network at home i have 2 1TB drives that are almost full of music.

I recorded this last month with my phone, just to show you why i choose the Lumia 950XL as my phone. (And because the update policy on windows phone is way better than Android.)

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