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So, what is everybody's favorite music to bang gems by?

Post only your top favorite ATM!

I’ve been grooving to Roxy Music Peel Sessions and Prog Rock like Alan Parsons Project (Eye in the Sky) and then when I’m feeling jazzy maybe some Sons of Kemet and when I
want to rock out Rancid

What do you listen to? Do you change it up a lot or stick to a theme?

edit: There’s also a Zombielicious magnet link floating around I hear :innocent:

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Yeah, funny enough, since I play on mobile, I don’t listen to music that much while I play. Instead, I am carrying my tablet around with me, and will play it while I talk to my husband as he is cooking, or laying on the couch with my family watching something on Netflix, or I move those gems around as I am falling asleep at night.

This just isn’t a game that I feel I need to groove to…oddly enough!

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tIpbYyR0OOI :grin:

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She bangs, she bangs…

There’s also one called “I’m a Hustler” from when they were on Comedy Bang Bang. It’s hilarious :smile:

Pretty much everything from Hans Zimmer, for me. :slight_smile:


I sometimes jam to the band Death, my favourite album by these guys is symbolic.

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Right on, check out a Canadian band KEN Mode… insane \m/

When I’m up late playing on the weekends I listen to Industrial and Synthwave music. Any music by Perturbator tends to set an amazing retro mood to burn away the midnight hours.

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Depending on my mood

Soul Farming - Depeche Mode
PVP - during the evening - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1urVMbxJAw
I also forgot Carmina Burana

and when I really want to get deep into the game - ELP


Arjen lucassen cds, in particular; Ayreon 01101011 or smth, the The gentle storm and Lost in the new real. Sidenote: coincidentially alan parsons some other time (I robot) is covered on that last album. 1 of my faves so took me by suprise.

Perturbator… wow :heart_eyes::wind_blowing_face:

Found “Dangerous Days”… that is intense…

e: that is going in my “regular listening” routine… Thanks for sharing!

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Yeah, I’m in the same boat as @Isis_Kitty; I mostly play on mobile with the sound off so I don’t listen to other music or at least not music I’m currently curating.

I love the Depeche Mode. :slight_smile: I recently having a Games of Thrones marathon with Arcane farming. :wink:

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watching a lot while playing GoW too (though Game of Thrones has to wait until I’m done reading the books, had a little break there, still 1 book left :wink: ),

music-wise a bit of everything … : old Iron Maiden albums (The number of the beast, Powerslave, Fear of the Dark), The Prodigy, Kosheen, Moby, Gorillaz, The Offspring, classical music of all sorts … depends what I feel like :stuck_out_tongue:


Prodigy and Moby is typically me as well. :slight_smile:


Glad you like him. A ton of really good music. Probably one of the only artists where I like almost every track on every album. Nocturne City (EP) is the one I’ve gotten the most mileage out of. I love the Blade Runner vibe it has.

Most of Perturbator’s albums are available on Bandcamp at a name your price rate including free to help avoid piracy.

Personally I watch Netflix while playing, but I have a Pandora Blue Rock station I created that gives me all the stuff I want. It’s a lot of Zeppelin, Van Morrison, CCR, Hendrix, Cash, Joplin, Muddy Waters, etc. Doesn’t fit to Gems at all, but it’s my favorite kind of music.

Right now, I’m listening to “X-Ray Vision” by Clutch.

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I listen to a LOT of New Order, Oasis, The Jam, The Smiths and The Stone Roses when I play.

If you haven’t already listened to these albums I suggest doing so. My favourite albums from said bands are: Technique, The Complete Stone Roses, The Gift, The Masterplan and The sound of The Smiths.

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