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So, what is everybody's favorite music to bang gems by?

I actually just listen to the in-game music…

There was another random thread with lots of cool music people posted - I put some there - perhaps a helpful person could link to it? (I’m on mobile and signal not good for searching)

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I think it was this one.

I found a new one - It’s for my Snow Guardian team

Interesting thread! I like listening to music whenever I play, so here’s my two cents.

I love listening to music like this:

Electronic music - stuff like dubstep and/or remixes… I really like it :slight_smile:
P.S. Xilent and Delta Heavy also make interesting video clips

Love how Lonely Island take the total crap out of any popular song XD

Listening to old “chewing gum pop” can sometimes put me in a mental state where I mindlessly play through match after match, until I “wake up” and ask myself “where did those last 100 trophies come from?”

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I have a wide range of tastes and I think I could definitely bang gems to that bubblegum pop

Here’s one I was chilling to last night as I Treasure Hunted in bed last night

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Here’s another copuple of ones I love:

Yeah, I listened for 15 minutes, but I think I save the rest for bedtime - it made me want to lay down and close my eyes :sleeping:

Yeah… that would by why I woke up at 1 am drooling with my tablet on my belly, half way through only my 2nd game :laughing:

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I normally don’t listen to music while playing, or I listen to the in-game soundtrack. If I do listen to anything while playing though it’s probably some Otep or Hatebreed

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Today’s destruction music is sound track to Excalibur - makes for crashing cascades and TDS destruction look quite orchestrated :wink:

And very regal and loud!

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Cough…Cough…Talk radio

Anything from the one and only genius Hans Zimmer…

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I am listening to 90 alt currently but i have been known to jam out to everything and anything including podcasts or audiobooks!

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Acid bath, esp for guild wars and pvp. I use pandora when i’m playing so it’s usually a mix of early 90s grunge and industrial. Gets the blood pumping.

What? No one’s into Japanese pop/metal?

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Anything by Two Steps From Hell