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It’s from 2005. Norways best song that year.


The thumb nail looks so sad, i don’t want to watch this D: Is it a sad song?


I listened to it. It is quite long and changes feel quite dramatically. I would say the video definitely has some sad/disturbing content. If you’re sensitive, I might skip it.

Listen to the Andy Burrows one twice instead!


Steven Wilson can evoke and portray emotion as well or better than any artist I’ve seen. He’s a genius .
I saw a gig from him a few years ago in the Netherlands and the audience was perplex . Don’t be afraid to watch , maybe you find strenght in this song .




What a weird and sad video…


Waking up and the bed was made
No one looked me in the eye
The more I try, the more I cry
And it’s all for the best

Sad song too, possibly someone with dysthymia.


@Eika. I think you might like this one:

The video is too sad for @Cyrup, though. Fair warning: this may make you ugly cry.


I liked it, thanks!

One back at ya!


Jose Gonzalez live full show, very well performed!


Thanks for sharing, looking forward to listen! :+1:


I always play gems on mute and just put on a live show and go to town. Thx to Bluetooth.


I’ve always liked the song, and Odin (rl best friend and GoW player) not only showed me this musician but sang it for me. Was very sweet.


Bon Iver, if you don’t know about them yet, I highly recommend them. James Vernon is the lead singer and has solo
Work too, enjoy!


Your song is in the same category as:



@stan a little sad song. What do you think it is about?


I don’t know - I’m usually not great at interpreting song lyrics. I don’t have a poetic bone in my body. If I had to guess, it feels like the author is hurt or insecure, but pretending not to care.




Speaking of music why does the game “dungeon punks” have the same music on the map screen as gems of war?