GoW music topic


Anything from the old Mario games as well as Pokemon, Sonic, old FF etc.
But Onepunch man is my fav by a mile.




This one is just rad. And quite famous!


this one from here on is of my favs, that can be found in the encyclopedia of Dino Wars. Great game it was!


smite version of t9 xD


Listen man… I have never played and I couldn’t be more clueless… but that had me howling, probably for all the wrong reasons though because I’m old :laughing:


Amiga dude? GODS by Bitmap Bros!



Playing that with keyboard >.<

I don’t know, could you? My buddy had the Amiga, I had the VIC20, C64, C128 then I jumped to 286, etc.


RIP Malcolm Young :cry: we keep on rocking :guitar:




Great music to theorycraft to



I am not sure its many here that is into Ray Wilson’s music, but I really like this artist.
I just call him Solid Snake, he looks quite like Solid Snake. :wink:





@Stan do you like this song?


I do overall. I like the sound and the guy’s voice is really good. The lyrics don’t really hang together for me, but that’s my only complaint. How old is this? It sounds like a bit of a throwback to the 90’s or early 2000’s…