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GoW Let's Play #14: Transitional Valkyrie Teams + Channel Update

Hello everyone! There were a couple comments in the previous Let’s Play video that I wanted to clarify for everyone. One of them is that having 2 Valkyries in a team DOES give a 100% soul bonus. The other are alternative teams to transition out of the Crude Club - Tyri - Rowanne/Druid - Valkyrie build, which are shown in this video.

I’ll be handing out redeem codes more towards the beginning of videos for now on.

Also, I am moving on July 4th. I likely will not be uploading from July 3rd - July 6th as I handle moving related things as well as finish setting up my Twitch.


Whenever I do stream on Twitch, I will likely have a thread where I post something similar to this every time I go live:

I am streaming now for X hours doing something. I'll be handing out 3 redeem codes a week on Twitch. Come hang out if you are interested. ^_^


*Not streaming now. :stuck_out_tongue: