Streaming GoW 4.something (weekend stuff, tower of doom rush!)

I try to switch it up each time. Come hang out and say hi.


I’m so excited to see you streaming @Mithran!


That Dragon Soul run against double Ubastet and Dawnbringer was freaking hilarious. :rofl:



Back at it again. This time, I’m checking some patch stuff out with my low stat alt and maybe doing some invasions.

Going live now for some daily tasks, then testing some teams.

Join me today as I play some invasions, then probably move on to more Divine hunting.

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Going live again with some daily tasks teams, then building teams around Divinia.


Going live again with a bit of hero grinding, then maybe switching to my low stat alt.


Going for a short stream today. Getting some documentation of the memory leak that cropped back up.

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Going live to check out the class event, then maybe daily tasks.

Fourth day from a brand new account. Probably a much shorter stream today. Back live for a bit to try out Queen Ysabelle.

Join me today for some low level gems and maybe playing around with my other accounts.

I’ll be playing fast today, but feel free to hang out and chat.

Short stream today where I attempt a pet rescue with level 1 troops on a low level account without skill bonuses.

Edit: Went better than expected.

Back again on the new account, attempting to get my +5 magic bonus super early.

Join me today as I hop between four accounts and complete daily tasks!

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Going for the weekly pet rescue, dungeons, and invasions on the new account.

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Time for a (hopefully no so) mass key opening, following by attempting to use Arachnean Weaver in some teams.

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Going live now with a pet rescue for four accounts, hopefully ending with a themed team on my main.