Streaming GoW 4.something (weekend stuff, tower of doom rush!)

Join me today for a short-ish stream where I attempt to pull Ishbaala on my 6 week old account.

Edit: Live again where I try her out in some teams without having any of the power divines.

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Going live now with some pet rescues and raid battles, including using my low level Ishbaala control team.

Come watch me try to finish out the week while dealing with the toughest opponent of them all - server issues.

Going live now to check out Sin of Miraj (four times), and hopefully pulling some of their troops early!

Edit: back live again to clean up invasions and dungeons

Great streams, fun shtuff

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Going live now, hoping to obtain Wrath on all four accounts. Oh, and maybe some pet rescues.

Live now to get my seals obligation (mostly) out of the way to prep for the new patch.

Going live to finish the new pet rescue, then move on to my first delves and discuss my underworld strategy.

Short-ish stream today where I attempt to run through all 3 delve scroll and 3 daily dungeons for each of my four accounts.

Edit: Up again. So much daily content, so little time. Probably only partial clears today with the event.

Edit: going for some delve speedruns today

Might want to update your title for 4.0 :slight_smile:

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Back playing Gems of Delve. Maybe I finish some of my other weekly stuff first?

Back live again. More delving.

And again…

Back live again! New much faster low level account delve team! Maybe something other than delves!


Its 1500 seals week, so its time to, uh… probably delves while getting those.

Back up with some daily stuff. Not sure which yet.

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Woohoooo! Hopefully I notice your post next time so I can watch.

Live now. So far behind on weekly stuff, so playing catch up.

Back again! The only chance I’ll get to stream this week (or likely play GoW at all), so I have to finish all my weekly stuff today.

Back live, going for 1500 seals on a couple accounts.

About to finish off the ULTIMATE DOOM! Also other Sunday stuff.

I’m back! Sort of! I’m just mostly winging it with some daily tasks builds and taking advantage of the new class system.

Time for some invasions!

It is time to farm some seals! Three accounts to get to 1500 this week, so I have my work cut out for me.

Back with more seals farming, and maybe some Tower of Doom.

Time to grind through Tower of Doom! We might see some daily task teams or delves as well.

Don’t know if I’ll have time for this tomorrow, so time for some midnight pet rescues!

Time for some more late night gems!

More late night gems! Time to get a (very late) head start on weekly cleanup.


Lol…It should be a feature in the game where the AI has a face and it shows reactions like us when RNG screws us or itself.

Time for some Tower of Doom, checking out the new mythic, and maybe some other stuff.

Its been a busy two weeks. Time to kick back with some oddball and daily task teams and maybe prep for the upcoming patch.

Time for the weekly Sunday cleanup! And maybe buying some event keys…

Two days in a row! No patch yet, so lets do some daily tasks.

Doesn’t look like patch hits today, so daily tasks and “Faction Assaultt” maybe.

Last minute Tower of Doom!

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