GOW Battery life drain on devices


I don’t know if anyone else has this problem but GOW is draining my battery fast. it would be great if developers would look into a smart way to preserve battery life.


I’ve noticed this being worse than usual, recently… CrowdedWorlds, has anything changed?

Or is my iPad getting old and tired…


If you only used the iPad for playing GoW I dont see anything weird, may be you could’ve told us how long it lasted because for what I see on the pic, you were only playing GoW. Nothing weird that it was is taking more battery.


Similar image if you look at usage past 7 days


So like it says at the bottom, this is a proportional read out. Apps that you use a lot are already likely to be higher on that list. Combine that with games already typically using more power because of everything going on, and it starts making sense why it would be high on the list.
If you had some hard numbers on drain per hour, I’d be happy to pass it back to the devs, but I’m not aware of any issues specifically with GoW and battery drain.

Battery age, iOS updates, background processes, it all contributes. Nothing has changed specifically in Gems of War though that would be contributing to this :slight_smile: