Another battery drain complain

Hello !

I come here because of a problem of battery comsumption on a mobile device.
This kind of problem is know for a long time, as well as GoW drain battery even if you don’t play (see here for exemple : Battery drain when not playing )

Since the arrival of Silverglade troops, it’s getting worst :confused:

Before that time, GoW already consumes more battery that it should. I mean it’s a great game, but it’s not a 3D race game, or something that need huge CPU usages for graphics display. But it was quite acceptable, if you have a power supply near you :smiley:

Now, it’s horrible. Playing with Silvermaiden/enchantress/elven bard is near impossible. I noticed a very very fast drain, like going from 60 % to 20 % in 6 or 7 fights. And even if my phone is plugged, it’s not enough.

Wired to an 1A power supply is just enough to stabilize the battery. I mean that even plugged, the battery don’t charge !

It’s like there’s a looping calculus in the code, making the CPU usage constantly at max level, even in background process.

For me it’s a major problem for mobile user. As said before, there are many topics on that. But quite no words from devs. :frowning:

I’m on a Moto G4+ phone. Not an end tier phone, but still a good phone, known for being well optimized and with a good battery. (With my previous phone, it was quite the same)

I only have the problem of battery drain when the app is in the background. Only thing working for me is to either close the app or enable battery saving mode.
Downside is of course always having to restart the app which takes quite some time or losing performance from your phone.

I chose to use battery saving mode all the time (maybe that’s also why I didn’t encounter your problem), but I would prefer normal battery usage from the app.

I’m on Galaxy S6 btw.