System reset (or kicked me out) of Android

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?

In the past I tend to cook and play in the evening -and have left myself in middle of games and the Android goes dark after 5 minutes.

I will come back, enter my security code and continue on the game.

However the last three days (and it’s with full charge or 80%) I have idled in the middle of the Delves and come back to find I am no longer logged into GoW and have lost my game token for that event.

IT DOES NOT Happen with Dungeon, PVP, or GWs… but it clearly happens with Delves underground

What are the steps to make it happen again?

Log into android 7.0 Samsung Note 5 with Screen saver set to go dark after 10 minutes
Start a Delves (was on game of the set in new kingdom)
Idle so screen goes dark
Come back - pass security code

Results: Logged out and have to re-launch GoW.

Do you have any screenshots or video you want to share with us so we can see the problem? Attach them to your post!

Nope but I will get one tomorrow - cause I am out of tokens today.

Update: -Since I still have faction tokens - I am checking the Faction Event now - to see if it does it with this.

10:31 - ayup. Had to relauch GoW. And yes I lost a game but at least I still had tokens.

I’ve always been way too nervous to leave the game like that.

See, the rules on both Android or iOS are that any app can be killed by the OS at any time if it feels like it. And GoW, being a game, uses a lot of memory and resources so it’s an attractive target if the OS is feeling stressed. And GoW is designed to give you a loss if you close the game mid-match no matter the reason.

I’ve debugged junk like this in our own app and it’s a nightmare to try and fix as a dev. Here’s what happened: something else on your phone changed, and now GoW is a victim of murder when you lock the screen. Some other app was updated and uses more memory or CPU now and that puts GoW at risk. There’s no reliable way to find out which one: it could even be a botched install that goes away if you uninstall/reinstall the culprit. One time I had a nearly-bricked device because somehow Android let me install 2 different versions of the same app at the same time and the system really didn’t like that.

Anyway: I hope they find out it’s their fault and can fix it, but as a caution I haven’t been doing sigiled matches if I think I need to put the phone down for a few minutes within. It’s a drag, but there’s no way I can make my phone keep GoW alive once backgrounded.