Server Sync Android/PC interaction fail

Platform, device version and operating system:

PC and Android

Screenshot or image:

Sorry, didn’t think to save a screenshot of it.

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:

I was in the middle of a faction event delve on PC, I made the mistake of looking at my phone. I’d forgotten gems was running on it from earlier in the night. Gems on the phone did that thing where it refreshes and works out your hourly tributes. I tried to stop it, but basically you can’t. I completed the fight I was mid on the PC - I won. Before pulling up my rewards for winning the game threw the message at me that it was out of sync and would have to restart. Then immediately restarted. When I went back to the Faction event delve, it showed me that I had lost the delve and could only pick up my chest reward.

It should have registered I won the battle and let me continue the delve. It should have recognised I was actively playing a battle on the PC platform and shafted the android version that was inactive for hours. NOT shafting the ACTIVE battle.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

This has happened before, but never when I have been actively mid a battle.

Steps to make it happen again

  1. Open Gems on an android device. Leave it open but inactive for at least an hour.

  2. Open Gems on PC, start a battle that you can’t afford to be randomly kicked from for no reason because it makes you lose and you can’t progress any further, Such as an event delve or raid boss or whatever. Make sure you haven’t finished the battle.

  3. Make sure you have left the android version running long enough to have generated tributes.

  4. Open your android device and give the game focus if it doesn’t already have it. Watch it refresh now it has focus calculating your tributes.

  5. Return to your critical battle and win or at least finish it.

  6. Watch the PC version have a fit and restart, making you lose.

  7. Optional: Swear loudly and invent new curses.

Hey, I’m sorry that happened to you I’ve had it happen to me too so I know it’s incredibly frustrating.

I will ask the team if it’s possible for a 2nd device to not kill a battle in progress as long as a new battle isn’t started on it.


That would be awesome. I regularly switch from one to the other. And now I’m paranoid about making sure one is closed before moving to the other. Pita.

Hi @Kafka,

Would it not be better for the second client to issue a message that continuing to log in on the second device could have a consequence and give the option to cancel the login? Other games I have played did this and also let you force log out the other device if you chose to proceed.

Is there a valid reason for concurrently permitting 2 clients running the same account?


Good idea @redmist

Technically it doesn’t allow 2 to run at once because the second your game calls the server your device un-syncs . But as you say, that’s not an elegant way of handling it and I’m sure we can find a better way :slight_smile:

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A simple message saying logging in on this device will force close the other open application and then force closing it would be fine.

You’d never have the situation of an active battle being unsynced.

So rather than unsync it actually closes or even refuses to allow you to log in on the second device if an existing instance is open with your login. Although if you’re account has been hacked, you’re stuffed. So just the warning and force closing the other open version would be better.