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Battery drain when not playing

Full charge overnight. Played GOW for maybe 20 minutes this morning (logged on, checked mail, claimed coins, checked pvp status, back to home screen). Had an hour drive to work with Waze running the entire time. Grabbed my phone after lunch to find that I’m almost out of juice already. Do I really have to force quit the app every time to keep it from draining my battery? Galaxy S6

Perfect world you wouldn’t, but task killer should be standard process for closing anything that is opened.

I use iphone 5 and can leave it “running” while I’m not actually playing it, doesn’t seem to hurt my battery too much.

Same here with galaxy S7, this one has a great battery life. Can stand up to 4 hours of constant play before battery goes bellow 10%. And I have the game opened in background constantly, and it doesn’t use much.

This game drains my phone as well… Note 3 and also when I had the Note 7 for a little bit.

Yeah, looks like I’ll just have to be more conscientious about killing it when I’m done. Thanks Obama!

It’s Thanks Trump now…