Game lost by battery

When the control battery runs out, it takes me out of the game and I lose the advance.
As always, the player is the one who always loses. That way I can’t have the rewards I expected.
The gems I spent were lost. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::-1:

Do you mean that when your PS’s battery runs low, the game is getting force closed?

If it is the PS4 I believe the controller actually indicates on the screen it is running low.

I think what it means is if the controller battery runs out, somehow the game exits?

I know on the Switch this is something a game has to decide how to handle. Some games like Mario Odyssey do a good job and pause the game if they lose controller signal. Other games like Hyrule Warriors just let you watch your character get pummeled.

So it’s possible GoW has some bad reaction to this, it can’t be something QA tests heavily given they don’t even have time to read the text.

This doesn’t happen on PS4. Maybe an Xbox thing though?

Since the OP didn’t specify platform.

We have other bugs that keeps us on loading screen when we change armour.
The bug reported multiple times and we still waiting.
You guys got this on your platform?

Op thing is when a battery runs out the game request you to reconnect your controller and when you do the game just stop recognising the controller even tho the controller is on and you can control other aspect of the console but not the game l. And I can do nothing till you restart the game